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An Eid Far Away

Unfortunate travelers of PIA airbus 8303

The days of joy, the days of laughter, the days of happiness, the days of smiles, the days of meetups, the days of gatherings, the days of hugs, the days of earning money, the days of wearing new clothes, the days of parties, the days of fun, the days of excitement, the days when we all feel like we are the most good looking person. “Baaki dunya jaye bhaar me”. EID. The day for which we all are waiting anxiously. Have you ever thought about celebrating an Eid far away?

The Eid knocks on our doors. Usually, Eid brings presents, happiness, greetings, and fun but, what do you think this Eid bought with it? Is this Eid a normal Eid?

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Chaos after the plane crash in Karachi.

This Eid, I want to highlight the ones we lost recently in the plane crash. That incident is horrible. The worst incident and the worst timing. I was happy, waiting for the Eid to arrive until May 22nd. That day was a horrible day. It hit me hard enough to make my eyes wet. I don’t know the people who died personally. I even don’t know all their names. But the thoughts made my heart and my eyes cry. No one ever thought this will happen. No one thought they will be so far away from this Eid.

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What were the passengers thinking? They will meet their families this Eid after all these terrible days, finally. Some were excited to meet their moms after years of working abroad. They met their moms. Yes, they met them, but, they were unable to say Eid Mubarak Ammi Jaan. Their lips were no more moving. They were unable to kiss their mom’s hand and say, “I missed you Maa”.

I can’t imagine the feelings their families are having these days. Seeing their loved ones in a white cloth, fully burned, eyes closed. How a mother’s heart can see his son lying and saying nothing. How a mother felt when she touched her dead son’s body.

The passengers were not at all thinking about dying. “Just an hour and I will be there”. No one ever thought that their plane will crash.

“I will see my mom after years. What will I do? I have a gift for her. She will love it”. Oh dear, can someone find this mom the gift that her son brought? It must be there somewhere in the ashes.

“My sister is waiting for me. Will she love the phone I brought? She will be surprised”. She was surprised. You gave her a bigger surprise this Eid. Well done brother.

“I will meet my daughter after years. Seeing me will bring tears of happiness in her eyes”. She had tears when she saw you but not of happiness.

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“My buddy will be shocked. Bro has got some beard. I will hug him right away”. He is standing there bro. Looking at you, wanting to hug you tight and never leave you.

“My little grandchildren are coming. I will make Kheer for them. They love ‘Nani k hath ki Kheer’”. They are here Nani jaan. But they can’t eat your Kheer. This time, you have to eat that Kheer by yourself. What was their age? Why I was not on that plane. Why 4- and 5-years old babies were there. They had so much to do in their life.

“They are coming. I will give them their Eid clothes. Their little Sherwanis and shoes”. Those little ones aren’t coming home Dadi Jaan. They will not wear your Sherwani. They prefer kafan. Those shoes. It will always remind you of them right? “Ek baar to pehen lete beta”.

“Oh God, what is happening. Mom, I can’t celebrate this Eid with you. Mere bagair Eid mana legi na Maa?”. This Eid is not Eid without you my Chaand.

Helping hands taking the bodies out after the crash in Karachi.

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Personally, I don’t know who were they but I somehow feel connected to them and I am glad. Think about those who were thinking of celebrating Eid with their loved ones but are now wishing them Eid Mubarak from their graves. My heart breaks into millions of pieces when I think about them. How can they celebrate Eid? What Eid and What happiness is for them now? Their Eid will be full of tears and shocks. I will not be able to celebrate Eid either. My heart breaks every minute. My prayers and love are for all of them who we lost in the plane crash.

A plane crash crashed our Eid.,,

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Eid is not the same anymore. You see the moon; I see the sky full of stars. The stars that we lost This Eid. They are all there, smiling and looking at us.

Let’s laugh a little less this Eid. Let’s enjoy a little less this Eid. Let’s not make this Eid about clothes and parties. This Eid is not a normal Eid.

Please 2020, show some mercy. May Allah bless their souls. Rest in Peace. Let’s remember the ones who left us.

May Allah help the families in this difficult time.

انا لله وان اليه راجعون…  🙁

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Written by: Burhanuddin Shabbar,


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