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Artificial Intelligence and Future of Humanity

Although Robotic technology is not new for Human beings. The start of Robotic Machines has its from the invention Abacus, the First Calculator invented by Chinese. Now this technology is going to new heights and Human beings are worried about the future of human being and consider that there will be time when technology will be more advanced and intellectual than human. as per new robotic machines invention.

Carnivorous robots

James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau of the Royal College of Arts London have developed a number of domestic robots. These Robots have attraction for flies and other insects and when these insects reach to these robots then robots eat them. They get energy by digesting insects. Because of this, they are powered by a microbial fuel cell that is mounted inside these robots and the robots run the same process. The idea of using vitamins as fuel first came from the UK. Bristol Robotics Lab, a company I founded. He first developed fly-powered robots from the fly in 2004, as well as suggesting that similar naval robots could be developed for their life on marine animals.


Robots that Judges Human Emotions

at Cambridge University Professor Robinson with his colleagues have developed a robot that judges reacts to your emotions. It expresses and shows sympathy, joy, anger, irritability and other emotions according to the mood of people. In the belonging they developed a voice recognition software in it but now there is a new discovery in software identifying the mood. Body Gestures, movements and the pitch changes the sound of the person concerned and then the robot reacts in his own words.



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