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Biological Weapons and the Future of the World

Biological Weapons and the Superpower of the World

Biological Weapons and the Future of the World:

Biological Weapons – Ongoing Coronavirus has led to a havoc all across the world. The Virus is spreading rapidly and fast. A state of Emergency has been created and the officials all across the world are trying their best to handle the situation.

As of 23 March 2020, 14703 people have died and the number of cases reported by official all across the world range up to 339,234 and this number is increasing rapidly day by day.

Several precautionary measures have been taken, people have been advised to avoid social contact and keep their social distances while visiting each other. So, Many countries have called on a lock down, preventing people from leaving their homes.

Considering the situation, we have discussed above, few intriguing questions comes into our minds:

America is on Shutdown Due to the Corona Outbreak

biological weapons

How has the virus spread all across the world so rapidly?

Is there anyone who is behind its outbreak?  OR The virus naturally spread all across the world itself?

According to the Chinese officials, denying the allegation made by the US government has said:

“IF the coronavirus is indeed a Biological Weapon used against humanity then serious concerns should be made for the future of this world.”

  We will discuss this further at the end of the page. So, Be sure to check the full details of this conspiracy.

So, what is a Biological Weapon?

According to the World Health Organization,

Biological weapons are microorganisms like virus, bacteria, fungi, or other toxins that are produced and released deliberately to cause disease and death in humans, animals or plants

Whether it is brewing beer or baking bread we are using microbes and microorganisms. But the moment we start thinking of the destruction that can be caused by the same process these microbes are developed they become a Biological weapon.

Biological agents, like the anthrax and plague are very hard to contain and they can large amount of deaths in very short period of time. Bioterrorism is a huge concern which might lead to great epidemic situations.

Biological Weapons Through Synthetic Biology (SB):

Synthetic biology is a field of science that involves engineering microorganisms by redesigning their biological data and creating new abilities that would be useful for us.

Current Uses of Synthetic Biology:

1.Naturally Replicating Rubber for Tires:

There is a chemical Isoprene which is helpful in processing of our day to use synthetic rubber products. But we get it from rubber trees. Synthetic biology has enabled us to make a gene which has the same amino acid as the plant enzymes. So, This has led to a reliable, highly efficient fermentation process. Tire & rubber manufacturing industries have long lasted for this to come into production processes.

2.Making Economic, Renewable Bio Acrylic:

Acrylic is an important compound which is helpful in many industrial and consumer products as a viable petrochemical. So, It is active ingredient in paints making them more durable, odor free and long lasting. It also helps detergents in cleaning clothes faster.

3.Increasing Rates of Natural Fermentation for Polymers e.g. diesel

Conventional plastics materials uses petroleum or fossil carbon. Examples include Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Polypropylene (PP).

Phytohemagglutinin (a polyclonal T-cell activator) are naturally available in many organisms

4. Vaccine Development:

There is an increase in the demand of vaccines in developed countries and the developing countries as well. The development of new vaccines requires lots of time and hefty cost as well.

Biological Weapons – The HUMAN Genome Project:

The Human Genome Project was an international scientific research by different countries on finding the base pairs of chromosomes that make up our Human DNA. So, It also had an objective of finding all the mapping of the genes and human genomes physically and functionally.

Findings of the Discussion regarding Biological Weapons:

  1. There are 22,300 protein coding genes (building block human DNA) in humans.
  2. Human genome has more segment duplicates.
  3. Fewer than 7% of genetic data gathered are specifically vertebrates.

Several ethical, legal and social issues reported after publishing of the project report. Health insurance companies tried getting their hands on the further results so they can benefit from the indebted health issues associated with DNA of certain types of people.

In 1996, the US government passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability ACT to prevent distribution of unauthorized and non-consensual information.

Soviet Biological Weapons programs:

Soviet Union in the early 1920s started a biological weapon program with the intent of using it in times of War against its enemies.

List of Stockpiled Bio-agents:

Soviet Union had gathered and harvested tons of different bacteria and virus for the purpose of causing disastrous damage as a Bio-weapon.

  1. anthrax
  2. plague
  3. tularemia
  4. glanders
  5. brucellosis
  6. Q-fever
  7. Smallpox
  8. Marburg virus

Bio-Weapon Outbreaks/Accidents:


In 1971 and outbreak of small pox is reported. The incident occurred during the testing of Bio-agents at the Soviet biological weapon facility on an island in the Aral Sea.

The outbreak luckily didn’t harm much people and only ten people had been affected. Out of them only 7 survived which were also in severe condition.


During the 1979, Spores of Anthrax were accidentally released from the military facility of Soviet Union near the city of Sverdlovsk. At least 105 death were officially reported but the actual numbers had been hidden by the security facility of soviet KGB.

 Marburg virus

A large program of biological weapons to enhance the use of Marburg virus(viral hemorrhagic fever) was funded by the Soviet Union. The developments were carried out at the Vector Institute.

Unfortunately, the Dr. Ustinov who lead the program killed by the virus itself.

The new strain “Variant-U” a more powerful strain than the original virus is weaponized in 1990.

Coronavirus – Conspiracy or Natural Outbreak:


There are hundreds of families of viruses in this world and Coronavirus is just another one of them. Unlike any artificial viruses like the Synthetic Poliovirus made in 2002 by the US government, is an actual natural existing virus.

COVD-19 is the official name for this outbreak. The symptoms of the virus can range from mild fever, respiratory problems and occasionally gastrointestinal problems. So, the virus is varying its lethalness from person to person and those with weak immune systems are most likely to suffer the most, where is serious cases it is causing death.

biological weapons

America is on Shutdown Due to the Corona Outbreak

Final Verdict Regarding Biological Weapons:

As we have discussed above the formation and implication of the virus in different lengths, we can come to understanding of the various affect an outbreak/accident of a bio-agent would have on our planet.

Although it should be noted that it is very difficult to prepare a viral disease. Even though all the reports and research are available online but still certain steps to actually harvest the microbes in large quantity would require specialized equipment and expertise to enable their growth.

For our future we can expect a good or bad outcome based on the political adversity present at the time. A fullfledge viral expansion would not just result in destruction of a single country but the spread would be across the entire world.

Given our current situation of Coronavirus outburst we as a Global nation must have understood the havoc it has caused compared to a specialized biological weapon which would cause far worse result having no cure severe symptoms.

I hope for a better future and so should you.

British Scientists also Claiming the Successful Conduct of Experiments for Corona Virus Vaccine

British Scientists also Claiming the Successful Conduct of Experiments for Corona Virus Vaccine

Author: Moin Khan,

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