Tuesday, September 15, 2020
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Britain at Risk of 0.5 Million Deaths Due to Corona Outbreak

A UK Based Newspaper has claimed that until next year 80% percent population of the UK feared of Corona Virus outbreak and as a result of which 79 million people could be hospitalized.

The British newspaper The Guardian tells that the UK will be hit by the Corona virus outbreak.According to the Guardian, a undercover briefing given by the senior officials of the National Health Service revealed that the Corona virus could affect 80% of the UK population if the outbreak continues until 2021.

A per the newspaper claims the top health department working to control the virus has admitted that the outbreak may continue for the next 12 months.

Professor Chris Whiti,Britain’s chief medical adviser has admitted in the past that the worst case scenario would be the majority of the population, but the briefing clearly states that four out of every five people could be affected by Corona.

According to the document, the five million work force that is carrying important tasks and responsibilities during the recent month of the corona outbreak are at serious risk of falling ill.

According to the paper, the document states that during a month after the outbreak the peak is expected to fall ill of 5 to 5 million people of the workforce who perform important responsibilities. The workforce includes 10 from the National Health Service and 1.5 million from the social care staff.

The report states that due to the pressure on laboratories, only the more malnourished, care homes and prisoners will be tested. The pressure is so high that no medical staff will be tested without obvious symptoms.

A senior NHS senior official who co-authored a national strategy to prevent Corona in the UK told the newspaper that if the virus engulfs 80% of the population, the death toll is 5 million

Briefings have been crucial in the next 10 to 14 weeks, but the admission of the effects of the outbreak has diminished hopes that warmer weather will reduce the effects of the virus.

There have been 50 deaths from Corona in the UK and 1543 cases have been reported. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appealed to the public not to leave homes and travel unnecessarily. Particularly people over the age of 70, pregnant women and people with health problems have been instructed to remain confined to their homes.


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