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British Scientists also Claiming the Successful Conduct of Experiments for Corona Virus Vaccine

British scientists claim they have tested successful corona virus vaccine on mice

As the outbreak of Corona going wild globally the different Pharmaceutical Companies are trying to prepare medication for it. Different Countries are claiming for the preparation of the Vaccine. Recently there is a dispute erupted when a German Company CureVac claimed the preparation of vaccine and also claimed that United States of America is trying to influence its scientists and offering a huge sum if they agree to sale the Proprietary right of the Vaccine to US but as per the latest updates German Government has denied to sale the vaccine rights to any other country.

German Scientists Making Corona Virus Vaccine Rejects US Offer to Buy

Now British scientists are claiming that they have produce the Corona virus vaccine and also conducted the experiments on Mice and results are excellent. British Scientists claimed that Vaccine will be tested on the human beings at the end of the year.

As per the reports by the British Authorities The results began to show after one month as vaccine was injected into mice. Dr. Paul Mackey, head of the team at the Imperial College London researchers informed the media.

Dr. Paul also added that his team is working with scientists of France to use the vaccine on monkeys, and Vaccine will be tested on Human beings in the June and after it the vaccine will be available in the market throughout the year. And anyone Can take it from the market.

German scientists, on the other hand, have claimed that the corona has been manufactured with antibodies to the virus, which can also help in the production of effective drugs against the obesity.

The German team’s chief, Bernd Jan Bosch, said that we do not want to give any false consolation, but so far the research has yielded encouraging results.

On the other Hand Israeli scientists also claiming that they are going to make successfully Corona virus vaccine. Experiments are showing successful results. but the vaccine is still in its early stages and will not be available in the market more than two years ago.

Meanwhile, US scientists have also claimed to be ready for the Corona virus vaccine, but the possibility of the vaccine being available in the market more than 16 months ago is unknown. It is important that the scientists of these countries should jointly share their research with each other.

It should be noted that the second major outbreak of the Corona virus outbreak in Wuhan is in Italy, while the number of casualties in Iran is increasing. New cases of corona virus have increased in Europe, the United States, the Gulf countries and South Asia.


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