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Common Mistakes in Use of Medicines

Common Mistakes in Use of Medicines

Most people use the medicines they feel that these medicines were ineffective. They change their doctor to give them better medicine to relive fast but they fail. Some people not fully recovered using self-medication, while the same medicines are effective for others. These are due to some common mistakes in using the medicine. All pharmaceutical products are very sensitive and require careful handling. When medicines are used in the wrong way they produce no effect and become unsafe.  There are many mistakes which people do un-intentionally; here we discuss the Ineffectiveness of Medicines Because Of some Common Mistakes in Use of Medicines.

Taking Medicine with Wrong Drinks:

Some patients used medicines with wrong drinks like soft drinks, coffee, tea, and alcohol. These drinks cause interaction or allergy to medicines. These are the Most Common Mistakes in Use of Medicines.

Milk is safe with calcium and vitamin D tablets. But it is unsafe with other medicines like antibiotics.

The best medium for medicine is water that helps in transport and improved the absorption in the intestine and stomach. If not instructed for specific liquid take all medication with water.

common mistakes in using medicine
Taking medicine with wrong drinks

A common mistake is taking the medicine with water having an inappropriate temperature. High temperature, damage the molecule that decreases its effect. As capsule shells melt at the initial stage with hot water and produce no effect. So the capsule must take with water at room temperature.

In case of throat infection and cough, it is advised to take medicine with lukewarm water because it soothes the throat. Fundamentally cold medicine and throat infection respond favourably to the temperature of the water. Paracetamol dissolves and absorbs faster with hot water while suffering from cold or fever.

It is also important to take medicine with the right amount of water. At least take one glass of water for one pill. Take a few sips before medicine to make easy swallowing of pills.

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Taking Medicine with Wrong Food:

Foods have interaction with medicines it may increase or decrease the effect of medicines. Some medicines are safe with food to reduce the intense effect of medicine but some of them cause interaction with specific food.

common mistakes in using medicine
Taking medicines with wrong food

Some of the common mistakes are the following:

  • Use of grapefruits with statins (cholesterol-lowering drugs) which increase its potency and show its worse adverse effects. It causes liver damage, pain, and muscle ache.
  • Use of green leafy vegetables with warfarin that lowers the blood-thinning effect and causes blood cloths.
  • Use of alcohol with NSAIDs that lower the anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Grapefruit having vitamin C use with calcium channel blockers cause low blood pressure, fast heartbeats, and dizziness.
  • Milk with antibiotics like tetracycline decreases its absorption and produces less effect.

These mistakes can be corrected by keeping a gape in taking medicine and food. For example, paracetamol must take on an empty stomach to reduce its side effect. But ibuprofen must take with or after food to keep stomach lining and prevent bleeding or ulcer and irritation.

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Taking Medicine Of Someone Else:

Most people take medicine from someone else. They think when conditions are the same than the medicine of that person also shows the same effect. But pre-existing conditions and diagnoses are different; in this case, taking medicine of others is inappropriate. This may cause an allergic reaction or inadequate interaction with other medications. So taking medicine from someone is inappropriate practice.

common mistakes in using medicines
Using medicines of other

Giving Adult Medicine to Children:

It is hazardous for children to take adult medicine because the drug metabolism of children is different from adults. These medications are very intense from children’s medications that cause serious harm to children. So give the right medication to children which are specifically formulated for them.

common mistakes in using medicines
Giving adult medicine to children

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Open Shell Of The Capsule:

Some people think that the opening of the capsule is good for the quick result which is a wrong concept. Some used the powder of capsule because they have difficulty swallowing the whole capsule. This is the wrong use of the capsule because the capsule shell protects drug-degradation in the digestive tract. These alter the absorption and leads to treatment failure. So use a whole capsule for better effect and reduce its adverse effect.

common mistakes in using medicines
Opening shell of the capsule

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Not Check The Expiry Of Medicine:

It is a common mistake, using the medicine immediately without checking the expiry date. This is because keeping fully stocked medicine in the cabinet for ease or already present for a longer time. After the expiry of medicine; it changes its composition, decreases in strength, and increases the risk of bacterial growth. Potent antibiotic fails to treat infection and there is a lack of guarantee to be safe and effective like insulin, antibiotics, and tetracycline using after expire date. The expired medicine can cause skin rash and can upset the stomach. Old medicine should dispose of in such a way that it is not reused or hand over to the pharmacy for proper disposal.

common mistakes in using medicines
use of medicines without checking expiry

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Improper Drug Storage:

The medicine should be store at a proper temperature and dry place. The chemical composition of active ingredient changes more quickly by heat, humidity, and sunlight. Compounds are broken down and having increase risk of bacterial growth in medicine, so medicine should store at a specific temperature and dry place. Some medicines lose their effectiveness very quickly for example heart medicine like nitroglycerine lose its potency and become unstable at high temperature.

common mistakes in using medicines
Medicines should store at cool, dry place and out of reach of children

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Over Use of Medicine:

Some prescription medications have a narrow therapeutic window which requires exact dosage. Taking too much or too less cause a serious adverse effect. Non-prescription medicines like painkillers cause analgesic-dependent headaches when used two or three times a week. These medicines suppress the brain receptor and make them sensitive. So intake of painkillers should be limited to not more than 10 a month. Learn relaxation techniques for pain and drink more water to prevent dehydration to stay safe. because the overuse of medicine was the ineffectiveness of medicine as well the Common Mistakes in Use of Medicines also cause the disadvantage of medicine.

Common mistakes in using medicies
Avoid overuse of medicines


These are common mistakes we discuss above; considering them may reduce some adverse effects. These not require proper time to consider these mistakes. So take medicines with water at room temperature in the proper amount, it keeps the medicine in the original form. Take medicine according to the instruction with or without food to prevent interactions. Only take that medicine specifically prescribe for you to have a specific dose. Medicine store properly and dispose of expire medicine regularly. Take the capsule with its shells, not break a tablet and incorporate in capsule shell for better effect. if we try to Avoid Common Mistakes in Use of Medicines, we will get more benefits and soon recovery with the help of medicine.


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