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Corona Virus and Wolrd’s Best Healthcare System

French Healthcare system and Pandemic of Corona Virus

France has a Universal Healthcare system. It is financed by the government and extended by the insurers. Anyone living in France has to obtain basic health insurance. Moreover, via insurance; you have access to any doctor or hospital. so here we want to discuss the topic: Corona Virus and World’s Best Healthcare System. first of all we will highlight the french health system. How it works? and then will evaluate and make comparison with Corona Pandemic.

French health expenditure as a share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is 10.9% which is at the top in Europe and has the lowest cost of Medicines. In 2017, France even spent up to 11.3%  of its GDP on its healthcare, and it is a higher figure than average spent by any other rich country.In the 2016 survey, about 80% of people were satisfied with the healthcare system in France. It is a favorable rate for any country as well.

How Many  Health Systems are in France?

Health coverage to every resident of France is mandatory. The government provides 70% of the cost of treatment. Through the health insurance system, all the citizens have to pay to the government. Further, the French government will pay 100% for a long-term disorder.

France has two systems of healthcare; governmental and private sector.

The people of France can also have access to the private healthcare sector for additional coverage, and they have to pay for it by any private plan or profitless insurance plan.

How does the French healthcare System Work?

Primary Healthcare system in France:

Primary health care is provided by general practitioners (GPs). Citizens have to choose a GP for themselves and sign up with him. After registration, the GP will become their doctor. Besides, People can also visit any other GP for more consultation but only referred by their doctor.

 Role of Healthcare system in Accident and Emergency in France:

Accident & emergency services are also a part of the National Healthcare System. NHS provides SAMU, which is a service in case of an emergency that provides ambulance, paramedics, and medics on the spot before transferring a patient to the nearest hospital. GP’s referral is not necessary in an emergency case.

Corona Virus and World’s Best healthcare system of France :

Thousands of Specialists of different fields are around the towns and cities of France. You can visit any specialist you want with the referral of your GP. However, if you want to visit a gynecologist, pediatrician or a psychologist, then you don’t need GP’s referral. Specialists may charge higher fees than a family doctor. But about 70% of it can be repaid to the patient by health insurance.

GP or specialist prescribes medicines and pharmaceuticals to a patient. He can buy the medicines from any medical store and has to pay only that amount which the health insurance does not take care of.

Is the French Healthcare System good?

In France, life expectancy was 82.27 years in 2016. The infant mortality rate is 3.4% in 2018 [mcd4. Thanks to the French healthcare system.

The following are some research related to the standard of the French Healthcare System.In 2000, French Healthcare System was one of the best public healthcare systems in the world, said the World Health Organization  (WHO).

In a 2017 research, out of 195 countries, France ranked number 15

According to the Commonwealth Fund, the Healthcare system of France is at 10th position out of 11 industrialized countries.

In a 2019 survey, In France, 68 % of Primary care physicians  rated their healthcare system as very good.

Is Healthcare Free in France?

Long-term illnesses like cancer or diabetes are 100% free in France. However, short-term illnesses are not free completely.

Every citizen has to obtain healthcare insurance, and via their insurance, they have access to primary healthcare free of cost. The government also shares about 11% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to healthcare.

Healthcare Organization Working in France:


  • French National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health
  • SOS Medicines.
  • French National AIDS Council
  • PAHO
  • Zimmer Biomet Robotics
  • MERIEUX Foundations
  • France Biotech

Countries with Universal Healthcare & France:

Universal healthcare coverage means that each human being in the world should receive quality healthcare even with financial hardships. More than half of the countries of the world have a universal healthcare system. For instance, Australia, Canada, France, UK, Germany, Singapore, and Switzerland, etc. The United States does not have a universal healthcare system, but 92% of its population  has healthcare insurance coverage.

In 2030, according to the United Nations, all the countries will acquire a Universal Healthcare System to achieve sustainable development goals.

Healthcare Facilities for French Citizens VS Foreigners:

French has a Universal Healthcare system. It provides primary healthcare to both its citizens and foreigners.

If you are from Europe and visited France, then you can visit any doctor by showing your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). But, if you’re non-European, then you have to show medical insurance to any hospital or doctor which is issued during your French visa

French Health Authority pays The cost of treatment.But if there are any additional fees, then you’ll have to pay. Keep the documents yourself, and you can later claim reimbursement.

You can also get international health insurance like Allianz Care [mcd18] and BUPA global.



Real Facts of Corona Virus and World’s Best healthcare system:

Facts of healthcare in France are:

  • Universal healthcare system.
  • 96% have National Health Insurance (NHI).
  • Emergency room cost 130.92 US$ with coverage
  • Cost of a doctor visit 34.5 US$
  • Cost of public health insurance per person 10.92 US$ per month
  • Cost of private health insurance per person 43.67 US$
  • Hospitals 2,700
  • Pharmacies 22,000


Pros & Cons of Healthcare system in France:


1 It is affordable & accessible Long wait to visit a specialist
2 A patient can visit any other doctor with a GP’s referral Unnecessary treatments
3 A patient can meet a specialist Three months residence period of foreigners
4 It is for both foreigners & its citizens Paying tax, to get healthcare



Right in, coronavirus COVID-19 flu, many big cities, and even countries are under lockdown around the world. In France, the first Coronavirus case detected  when a 48-years-old man recently arrived from China on 24th, January 2020. After that, many new cases came up, and it spread ahead in towns, cities and all over France. Like other countries, France came under quarantine for 15-days from 17 March, 2020 onward.

French PM Edouard Philippe extended the lock down  until 15 April after 1,700 deaths occurred because of COVID-19 during the first quarantine.

Work Plan of French National Health Services in the COVID-19 Pandemic:

A plane from China carrying 100 tons of medical supplies which include 5.5 million masks landed in France as the coronavirus broke out. Furthermore, the French National Health Services test 5,000 to 12,000 people per day while the country is under lockdown.

On 13 February, ORSAN REB  (in the French language) plan was activated in the region. The plan aims to prepare the health system for the circulation of coronavirus on French territory. Moreover, the NHS is also monitoring the international situation and is in contact with the WHO continuously.

Further, MSF, an international and independent medical organization, also helped the French NHS to fight COVID-19.

Corona Virus and World’s Best healthcare system of France:

Emmanuel Macron, the French President, called for medical students, retired medics and army medical teams to help deal with the crisis.

The French healthcare system is under severe strain. Thousands of patients are hospitalized in ICUs, emergency rooms and general wards. They are running out of space. They have dedicated everything. They also need to protect their healthcare workers from the disease. Moreover, France has even seen the death of a hospital doctor.

Similarly, in hospitals, ICUs are crowded, other patients are getting worse, and they need ventilation which are only available in the ICUs. Therefore, French healthcare workers have been in contact with Italy frequently, and they have told them many vital steps, and they have prepared many new beds in ICUs. To sum up, France is at war with coronavirus.

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Current Situation of Corona Virus and World’s Best healthcare system:

Coronavirus cases are bouncing, and new fatalities are occurring each moment. The following are the latest casualties in France till 29 March 2020.

Total Deaths in the Pandemic of Corona Virus:

The total death toll rose to 2,606 on 29 March while the losses toll was 2314 on the 28th which means 292 new deaths appeared in 24 hours.

All Positive Cases of COVID-19 in France:

 On 29 March, the total number of cases was 40,174 among them 4,632 were in intensive care. The numbers of victims were 37,575 on 28th, and 32,964 infections on the 27th.

How contagious it is scary! Do not panic; 81 % is the recovery rate. So, be careful only.

Total Recovered Patients of Corona Virus in France:

Seven thousand two hundred two patients recovered so far. 1502 on 29th, 0 on 28th and 752 healed on 27 March 2020.

Counter Measures of French Government Against Coronavirus:

France is the second most exposed country to COVID-19 after Italy in Europe. They are taking new countermeasures to combat coronavirus.

  • All public places like restaurants, cafes, cinemas, and nightclubs have been closed.
  • Ban on external and internal travels but certificate holders.
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities are closed until further notice.
  • Containment extended until 15 April.

The hopelessness of Strongest Healthcare System against Corona:

This epidemic put humanity in fear and panic. Corona Virus and World’s Best healthcare system are countering each other. though humanity is at a stake due to the saver attacks of Covid-19. Even today’s modern science and medical treatments could not stand against it. It is spreading, and It’s not in its nature to leave an antiseptic piece of land. The secure healthcare systems, starting from China, Italy, France, and even the United States, are desperate and helpless.

However, this 81% recovery rate  gives hope for humanity, and the world does not get tired of fighting.Italy is the second most infected nation in the globe after China. As COVID-19 broke out in Italy, Italian doctors and hospitals came under high pressure, medical equipment ran out, and the situation in the land was getting worse. The total victims are 101,739 with 11,591 losses so far.

Mondella, a worker in a hospital in Italy, said,” I do not know how long we can hold up. If we do not receive any backup, it will be hard” source: Aljazeera


Suggestions & Precautions:

coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic’s alarming worldwide. Forethoughts are not only for a city or country but for the entire planet. Therefore, the World Health Organization WHO suggested precautionary steps to slow down the coronavirus outbreak. Safety measures are for all men, women, young, olds, kids and adults because together we can fight COVID-19 influenza.

  • Stay at home.
  • Keep social distancing ( about 1-meter distance)
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a mask.
  • Keep washing your hands with sanitizers or any alcohol-based liquid or soap.
  • Sneeze or cough on tissue in hand or on your elbow.
  • Work from your home if possible.
  • Avoid casual outings.


























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Written by:

Basharmal Anwari, basharmalanwari66@gmail.com

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