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George Floyd’s Death: The full story

Another victim of police brutality and racism.

The whole world is talking about George Floyd’s death and many people are curious to know what happened. Everyone wants to know George Floyd’s story. I’ll try to gather all the information that you need in order to understand the full story of Floyd’s death. He was a victim of police brutality and as it appears, this is all about racism here. I saw the video of George Floyd’s death and I was shocked by how the police officers treated him. Officer Derek Chauvin was on George’s neck for more than 17 minutes. The officers claimed that he was resisting the arrest but the CCTV footage proves otherwise. You should first see the full video of the crime scene-yes, it’s a crime scene-before I elucidate what happened there.

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The Story of George Floyd’s Death

On the 25th of May 2020, in Minneapolis, the police arrested George after the deli employee called 911 accusing George of buying cigarettes with a counterfeit 20$ bill. The video clearly shows that George was handcuffed and he did not resist the arrest even once. After a few minutes, George was seen pinned by three officers. Officer Derek’s knee on George’s neck was clearly visible. George was heard saying, “I can’t breathe” more than 15 times in five minutes but the officers didn’t even flinch. Exactly after seventeen minutes, George Floyd was still pinned by the officers and was showing no sign of life.  An ambulance arrived at the crime scene-I will keep calling it a crime scene-and George was taken to the hospital and was under cardiac arrest. Shortly after, he was declared dead.

The officers violated the policies of the Minneapolis police department and were dealing with the scene as if they were the criminals. It was clearly seen in the video that George said, “I will” in response to the officer yelling at him, the officer responded saying, “get in the car then” and George said, “I will”.  After George said that he will get in the car, none of the four officers moved, instead they remained in their positions until he passed out.

All four officers were suspended right after the protests commenced. There are either no or slim chances they might be reinstated. Officer Derek now has a murder charge on him and the other three officers are under investigation. People are still demanding the arrest of all the officers involved and legal punishment for what they did.

The Protest After George Floyd’s Death

There are always people who speak, raise their voices against the wrongs done in this world no matter who or what it is about. The wave of protesters shook Minneapolis and they raised their voice against corruption and racism. The protest had a global effect. The whole world is standing beside George Floyd. Not just Minneapolis, but the whole world is fighting for George Floyd. Social media is full of posts and stories in support of the protesters. Everyone is demanding justice for George Floyd and his family who lost a member just because of his skin tone.

George Floyd’s Death: The full story
Picture showing the protest after Floyd’s death.

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Protest and Some Opportunists

The protest was the best response of the people against all the corrupt officers but there was a line crossed by some opportunists out there. The peaceful protest was so impactful but some people took advantage of the situation and started looting the stores.

Picture showing the protest after Floyd's death.
The stores were looted during the protest in Minneapolis.

The city of Minneapolis was on fire. I want to ask all the opportunists out there that is this what the protest was showcasing? The protest was for human rights and some opportunists were seen violating them. This is where the protest lost its cause. Fighting police brutality with civilian brutality, I don’t see much of a difference here, we should try and bring a change through a peaceful protest. In order to fight them, we should not become one of them.

George Floyd’s Death: The full story
The protest resulted in disaster. buildings were on Fire in Minneapolis during the protest.


The Police Response

After the protest started, we can clearly see the brutality of the officers towards the protesters. Police were using rubber bullets on the protesters that can blind or even kill you. Many of the protesters were seen struggling after they got hit by a rubber bullet. Police also used tear gas on the protesters. The people are dying out there due to this. You are dealing with the protesters against brutality with more brutality? Is this what the police are for? The life of people out there really matters. The protesters are going through all this to fight against racism and police brutality. They are firing rubber bullets even when there is no need for it. They are doing it on peaceful protesters too.

George Floyd;s death: The Full Story
A journalist covering the protest was hit by a rubber bullet.

I don’t know what they take these protesters as. They definitely don’t think that they are humans. The bullets they are using are not proper rubber bullets according to The Cut. This clearly is brutality. Action must be taken now. This is the time to raise our voices against racism and police brutality.

George Floyd's death: The Full story
Are they proper rubber bullets that should be used?

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Go to Hell Racism

We are living in the 21st century and we call ourselves literate people, yet, we water plants like racism. What is wrong with humans? When did we humans become so inhumane? George Floyd’s death was an example of how brutal humans are. We destroy the environment, we destroy the marine life, we destroy the jungles, we destroy the ecosystem, but now we’re even destroying our own kin, for what?

What is this racism and who introduced this term to the world?

Is there a problem with having black skin?

Are they not human? They are, and believe me, they are way better than us. Please for god’s sake, be kind. It costs nothing to be kind. The world needs kindness and smiles so please spread smiles around you, not hatred.

Hey, wait! The most interesting part is about to start. I interviewed people around the globe and gathered all their opinions. You will see what people from different countries and people of different colors say about George Floyd’s death.

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Voice of The World

Interviews with different people from all over the world

This interview is to show what people of different colors think about racism. This is to show support. I interviewed black, white, and brown people to show that no matter what color we have, we are against racism and we also demand justice for George Floyd. We are in this together. You are not alone.
Abbie Dayman-Johns, a content creator, artist, and white woman from Bath, England says: “I think it is the definition of tragic. And it’s heartbreaking that his story is one of many and that’s why fighting against racism is so important and ultimately life-saving. Without question, the police officer, Derek Chauvin is the wrong one here. As a white person, I never have and never will go through anything like racism. I want it to end. I hate it. There’s so much of it in the world, I spent time in America a few years ago and the people I was around were so covertly racist it makes me sick to think about. I can’t even imagine how Black people feel because what I’ve witnessed and fought against is minuscule in comparison. And this isn’t exclusive to America, the whole world is guilty.”

In favor of George Floyd’s death protest, she said, “It’s all I’ve thought about since I heard the news. I have a relatively large following so I’ve tried to incite as much action as I can from them, asking them to call out covert and overt racism when they see it, providing them with resources to sign petitions and donate, trying to educate them on why using their own voice matters alongside sharing quotes, etc, and sharing books written by Black authors since I’m a book account and most of my followers are bookworms. Within my own life, I’ve done these things too. I haven’t yet protested but I’m going to one this Saturday (safely). Opting out’ from this isn’t an option. Use your voice. Educate yourself. Donate. Sign petitions. Confront racism when you see it and if you’re fortunate enough to have white privilege, use it for good.”

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She has a message for all the racist out there. “Remove your ego and pride and let yourself change.”

Alain Ngalani, a One Championship Fighter, 4 times World champion, and Black man from Hong Kong says: “Hi, thank you for reaching out and for the support.


It’s pretty simple what I have to say It’s truly heartbreaking to see how far we have come and yet how far we still have to go to achieve what is supposed to be a basic instinct of living in harmony for our human race.

We are in the 21s century for God’s sake. At a time of mondialisation and integration, it’s terrifying to witness such tragedies. Every life matter and every black life was taken at the hands of racism, police brutality and racial injustice is not acceptable and should be denounced loudly. Keeping quiet about it it’s a crime comparable to non-assisting a person in danger!  Silence equals complicity. The whole world is screaming of pain & indignation, of revolt against any type of oppression and inequality because We are One world, One race, the human race.” Alain Ngalani

Kathryn, a 29-year-old business owner from Florida, US says: “The murder of George Floyd is absolutely appalling. It’s unfortunately just another instance of systematic racism and brutality people of color and Black people, in particular, are subject to regularly by our country. The police are absolutely in the wrong. It’s a combination of unconstitutional and unsafe policies and training as well as personal racism on the part of Derek Chauvin. As a system, the police force is broken. There needs to be a complete overhaul of the system and I recommend checking out Campaign Zero ( for their stance on how to fix it. They can say it much more eloquently than I can. It’s embarrassing and heartbreaking that racism still exists in 2020. I’m embarrassed that I have not done more to actively work to bring about racial justice prior to this. I’m heartbroken for not only George Floyd but the millions of other people of color who feel scared and unsafe on a regular, if not daily basis. My strongest way to ally is through financial support, words, my social media platform, and my art. I’ve created an enamel pin that 100% of profits will be donated to organizations fighting for racial justice. I’m pleased to say we’ve raised over $2,000 already. I’m hopeful that together we can start making changes. I’ve never seen the online community so united in a cause. I think we all have a fire of rebellion lit under us right now and we can truly revolutionize the way minority groups are treated in the United States. Please consider financially supporting racial justice groups or volunteering your time and voice to make our message stronger”.

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Her message for the racist: “You’re despicable. Everyone is worthy of love and respect – no one is less than you no matter what you think”.

Khizra Zaheer a 26-year old Digital Media Lead, Startup founder and Poetess from Pakistan says: “This incident is a black mark on humanity as one does not carry the right to violate the grace and respect of humans brutally. It’s an absolute outrage where officers did the murder without showing any favor or mercy to the deceased. Police officers didn’t pay heed to George’s cries for help and also, they did not listen to the bystanders who were there witnessing this unfortunate situation. It is totally unfair and unjust to the humankind. Not just one police officer is wrong here but all the police officers who were present there should be declared guilty and lead to punishment according to law. It was really a brutal act to see and the killing of Floyd has greatly set off fuming protests in Minneapolis and major cities across the US. All four officers need to be arrested with no bail. Racism is the root cause of major troubles across the world, especially in the United States. People get a lot of damage when they go through this dilemma and sometimes, they got defeated and lost all hopes for life. Indeed, there have been protests across several countries but still, there is not so much visible difference observed in the aspect of racism. It is the saddest of humanity that even we are in 2020 but the thoughts of some people still belong to the last century. The murderer should be punished well for this incident so that Floyd could get justice. My message to the readers is that we could not control the world but we can focus on our deeds. Either you are at any stage or any position of career, you should try to prevail with the acts that could benefit the people instead of turning them down with the aspect of racism. On the other side, we should not stay silent when we are sure what happened is totally wrong. So, stand up for the justice of Floyd.essage stronger.”

She has a message for all the racist out there. “Racism does not lead you to any benefit in life. Racists think that they are superior over others but the fact is all humans are equal and breathe the same. We should have to understand this fact before we hurt or kill someone due to this lifelong bitterness”.

Written by: Burhanuddin Shabbar

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