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German Health Care System and Pandemic of Corona

Pandemic of Corona and German Government

In 2020, the whole universe faces an issue of health. As the coronavirus spread very fastly and there is no relief from this virus. All industrial countries have an issue to improve their healthcare system; one of the universal attract is lowering high cost. The German system is selected as the standard for all other systems because of the first national health insurance system .Germany health care system is appropriate all over the world; its doctors, specialist, and facilities makes it the best health care system in the world. here we will discuss not only Helathcare system but also German Healthcare system and Corona virus. that how Germany is struggling against this unseen enemy.

German Healthcare System and Pandemic of Corona
Germany has the best Healthcare system for medication. Every patient has the right to choose physician of his choice

About 87.5% population are belonging to public health insurance, and 12.5% is a member of Private health insurance.

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Role of German Government in Health Care System:

The Government was unable to indirect financing or giving health care.  At a high level, the joint Federal committee regulates self-governing associations within sickness funds and provider associations. The Government must own university hospitals, while municipalities play a role in health activities and own about half of all hospital beds.

Health Insurance and the German Health Care System:
German Healthcare system has two systems of insurance: The Statutory Health Insurance (SHI) for all populations and the optional Private health insurance (PHI). Health insurance premiums fund both systems. Multiple privately owned and insurance companies control these systems.

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Statutory Health Insurance and the German Healthcare System:
Statutory health insurance- the law mandates that all persons (up to a guaranteed income) have health insurance. This service includes health promotion, disease prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment of disease. SHI is free from health risks and the number of families. These services are for all citizens and permanent residents.

German Health care system, Corona Virus, and  Private health insurance (PHI):

Private health insurance (PHI) or those who earn more and choose to purchase their own. It covers treatments and services, such as immunization, and prescription, and dental checks. The feature of the system is a free choice of providers and an unrestricted approach to all care levels.

German Healthcare System and Pandemic of Corona Virus
There are two types of Health Insurance in Germany. SHI & PHI

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Difference Between SHI And PHI:


                                     Public Health Insurance Private Health Insurance
Based On                   Income Age, job type, Health condition, kind of services
Depends on income  Income till 62.550/year in 2020 Income above 62.550/year in 2020
Family coverage        Complete family is insured.
kids and wife are insured
without any extra cost
All family member pay additional amount
Possibility                   Everybody is accepted Not possible for everyone
Coverage based on   Better coverage for the money
receiving for their insurance
Coverage based on contract
Benefits                      First 6 weeks, the company pay                                     Whole salary.                                     After six weeks, 70% of the gross salary paid for 78 weeks within the three years. Better health assessment





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Is the German Health care system sound?

No accurate measures are available to find the action of a healthcare system in any country. However, Germany fulfills four objectives that any healthcare system should have: (1) universal access (2) high standard care, (3) choice of patients to choose their physicians, and (4) socially suitable cost.

As every system has a definite point, there are also some negative points. The German healthcare system also faces a potential financial collapse. This is because a high number of the elderly population requiring intensive medical care with an insufficient financial contribution. The high unemployment rate also has less contribution to the sickness fund and lack of self-responsibility of the German citizens.

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Mortality rate in Germany is still low in comparison with other European nations.

Work plan of German National Health Services in pandemic situations:

German National pandemic pan describes the responsibilities and measures of the health care system. These plane include:
(1) The action of keeping the harmful situation under control or within limits. (2) The action of protecting the state from further spreading infections and the source of infections. (3) The action of reducing the severity, seriousness, or painfulness of disease.

Current situation of coronavirus in Germany:

The exact number of cases is unknown, but the number increases day by day. There is no such curfew, although schools, restaurants, shopping malls, parks, outdoor games, banks, and borders are closed. Most people work from home, no more than two people walk in the street unless they are family members. People use a face mask and regularly washing hands to prevent further spread of the disease.

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Coronavirus and German Healthcare system:

Coronavirus is a challenging issue for the German Healthcare system. Public Health insurance tries to cover all expenses in this crisis with no limitation. The Government doubles the bed in the hospital for intensive care patients.They give high concentration on hospitals and strick testing programs for better results. The Robert Koch Institute warns to reduce the social contacts and at least keep a 1.5-meter distance from each other, Use mask regularly and wash hands for at least 20 seconds.

Counter Measure of Italy for Corona Virus:

When we observe the German Healthcare system and Corona Virus Pandemic situation it shows that The death rate in Germany is lower from other countries like Italy. The reason includes:
(1)  In Germany, people having an age of 47 or 45 years and less risk are tested earlier, while in Italy old age of 63 years and more sicker are tested.
(2) In Germany old age people not live in large families which cause less infection.
(3) The testing facility in Germany is excellent and having a weekly testing capacity of 160 thousand, also having a record of infectious cases. In Italy, the actual number of tests and records of infection cases was unknown.
(4) In Italy, the number of beds, the protective gear, and the size of medical personal for intensive respiratory care is insufficient for a better cure. However, Germany provides these facilities and overcome the rate of death from infection.

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Germany’s low Corona Virus Mortality Rate:

German Health
There is still low mortality rate due to counter measures in Germany

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Analysis of why German’s death rate is so low because of Germany take the following action:

Usually, the country’s rigorous testing systems; the country developed a test for COVID-19 back in January, weeks before it recorded its first case. Germany now carries out about half a million tests each a week across a vast network of laboratories. Mass testing has enabled German authorities to detect mild and asymptomatic cases that may go under detected in other countries that do not have the same testing capabilities. A country COVID-19 death rate is the determination of the number of known deaths, out of the total number of known cases. So, if Germany can detect more mild cases than this would effectively lower its death rate. Conversely, if Italy struggles to record mild cases, this would inflate its death rate.

When looking at the number of hospital beds, for example, Germany has six acute care beds for every 100 patients, France has 3.1, and Italy has just 2.6. Germany has even taken in a critically ill patient from Italy and France, where the hospital is overstretched.

The German Government also aims to increase its stock of ventilators to 35,000 in comparison France has around 7,000 and Italy has about 5,000. However, authorities warn that in the country where a quarter of the population is over 60, now is not the time to get complacent. The number of cases can spike, and hospitals can soon be overwhelmed. These all above mentioned details show that German German Healthcare system and Corona Virus war is at the peak but we are hopeful Humanity will win.

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Its not a war between German Healthcare system and Corona, Actually its a war against humanity and Coronavirus is a new virus that is a challenge for the whole world. There is no such treatment to cure this virus. However, supportive therapy is using. In all these situations, the German healthcare system plays a notable role. Germany overcomes the worse condition by providing a sound health care system. People face a problem as they are lockdown in homes and face some financial problems. However, in this worse condition, these are only a possible solution to face this problem.


Written By: Saba Gull,

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