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Home Entertainment German Scientists Making Corona Virus Vaccine Rejects US Offer to Buy

German Scientists Making Corona Virus Vaccine Rejects US Offer to Buy

German pharmaceutical company CureVac is near to Manufacture a vaccine for Corona Virus. Company is claiming that is maintained a successful experiment and it will be successful in the production of such vaccine. US President Donald Trump’s attempt to buy scientists from the German Pharmaceutical Manufacturer as America Wants to purchase the share of the Vaccine from the Company and after it every country who will need the vaccine, will purchase it from the United States of America. Due to this reasons tensions have burst out between the United States and Germany over President Donald Trump’s attempt to buy scientists from a German pharmaceutical company approaching the manufacture of the Corona virus vaccine.


One of the Leading German news agency claimed that CureVac a leading German pharmaceutical company has had significant success in the preparation of the Corona virus vaccine.And as United States of America get this news there is a dispute between Germany and the US over vaccine ownership.US President Donald Trump Contacted the German Scientist when they were preparing the Vaccine and Mr. Trump tried to pay them a huge sum to get the ownership of the Vaccine. Actually Mr. Trump wants the proprietary rights of the vaccine. So that if anyone wants to purchase the vaccine it would buy it from the United States. The German newspaper Welt am Zuntag claims.

Informing the local media, Scientists from German pharmaceutical company CureVac  that we have notified our government about the approach of USA President. After the discovery of the scientists, accusations of diplomacy between the two countries started.

CurevAC pharmaceutical company also have a branch located in the Houston city of US. American president Donald Trump is trying to influence this branch for the ownership of Vaccine and Will hold a meeting with the same branch Administration.

German Minister of Health conveyed his clear message on state TV that we German are not ready to flee, this vaccine is being developed to serve humanity, whose proprietary rights cannot be assigned to a single individual or country. Against this epidemic we have to fight unity and chance.


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