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Goa A Tourist Paradise of Beauty and Beaches

Goa a Tourist Paradise for Beauty and Beaches


When I hear Goa, It urges me to imagine the beautiful architectures, colorful beaches, Neon parties, taste of fresh coconut water, Sula Wine, and adventures. Really is Goa a Tourist Paradise with Serene Beauty and Beaches.

Goa is found on the Southwestern Coast of India within the region known as the Konkan. Its history is enriched and long. Goa was first ruled by the Mauryan and Satavahana Empires during the iron age. Then Kadamba kingdom, Vijayanagara Empire, Bahmani Sultanate and Bijapur Sultanate. when Portuguese invaded the goa, they defeated Goa’s current ruler, they Persecuted Hindus, and Muslims, and ruled over Goa for more than 4 centuries.

Goa a Tourist Paradise with Serene Beauty and Beaches
Goa has Unique and Rich Cultural Heritage.

Goa a Tourist Paradise with Serene Beauty, Beaches and Unique Culture:

Today goa’s culture is mostly influenced by Portuguese Cultures and Architecture. After the invasion of the Indian army, Goa became part of India and was given statehood. Soon Goa became the bewitching destination for tourism in India, all around the globe, Goa is considered one of the cheapest and entertaining little paradise among travelers. Goa’s estimated population is 1.58 Million (15.8 Lakhs), in 2020. Its land covers a 3,702 km² area. Goa is most known for its serene beaches.

Goa is surrounded by the Indian states of Maharashtra to the north and Karnataka to the east and south, with the Arabian Sea forming its western coast. Goa has very importance as a military spot since Indian naval air station located near Dabolim in Goa, India. Goa is linked with many beautiful cities such as Panaji, Margao, Vasco, Mapusa, Ponda, Bicholim, and Valpoi. One can enjoy many things by visiting them. But the roads have become such nuisance for travelers, since they are dug up, and are the biggest reasons for deaths in Goa; Throughout the years.


Goa Tourist Paradise for Beauty and Beaches, Places to Visit;

Goa plays an important role in the GDP of India since Goa has become the biggest spot for tourism, mostly because of its attractive beaches, lakes, churches and beautiful resorts. With the coastline of 105 km, the beaches in Goa are the major attraction of tourism. One must visit  Baga Beach, Calangute Beach, Grand Island, Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Fort Aguada, Candolim Beach, Tito’s Street, Arambol Beach, Bom Jesus Basilica, Palolem Beach, Curlies, Club Cubana, Anjuna Flea Market, Chapora Fort, Mapusa Friday Market, Divar Island, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary Along with Goa’s beautiful couple spot i.e. Butterfly beach. Situated between two hills, once in a lifetime.

Goa a Tourist Paradise with Serene Beauty and Beaches
One of the the Most Fascinating Beach in Goa

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Goa a tourist spot in India has everything one must desire, from colorful and fascinating sunsets to pleasant beaches, green hills covered in woods, picturesque villages, churches and romantic spot for couples, some adventure time such as windsurfing, dinghy sailing, scuba diving, waterskiing, angling, parasailing, water scooter, and swimming, to soothing and calming vibes at the queen of beaches, to romantic spots, peaceful time with beloved in heritage homes. Where you can rest at the sound of the sea as the waves touching the shores.

Goa Tourist Paradise for Beauty and Beaches, Hoteling Experience:

Hotel industries are largely linked with tourism, without beautiful and comfortable accommodation in hotels no travel, tourist will want to spend their days in goa’s ill-mannered roads., the tourism is increasing in goa, a tourist spot in India. So does the need for accommodation. The goa who is known for his beautiful and serene beaches, there were no hotels before. But India has made a very successful development in the year 1983. With the help of the Taj group of hotels, they established Fort Aguada Beach Resort in Goa. It was so beautiful, that the prime minister of India (Mr. Indra Modi) invited the Heads of Commonwealth States, their refreshing holiday in goa, shook the world, and soon many tourists, start appearing all around the world, it leads for further development of hotels.

when the concept of the carnival was introduced in goa. The arrival of people in those carnivals gave rise to various problems in goa, specifically (lack of accommodation resources for foreigners) in the year 1918, the first hotel was established to solve that problem and by second world war, goa has 3 hotels, one in each (Panjim, Mapusa, and Margao.)

Goa A tourism Paradise with Its Serene Beauty and Beaches
Goa Provides most Lavish Hoteling Experience in Cheap

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After becoming the most treasured spot of tourism . India is making every possible effort in increasing the hotel industry, today goa not only provide luxury stars hotel but also cheap, and comfortable hotels for a survey it was shown that Most tourists in goa don’t care about the number of stars a hotel has but rather how comfortable and cheap it is. Today goa has over 2995 Goa Hotels available for even middle class and lower-middle-class foreigners.

The prices of Goa’s hotels start with 2000 to 70,000, not only that you can even subscribe to some traveling packages. Which also Provides discounts and facilities such as meals, transporting and guiding services. Such as (best of goa) it costs Rs 5,999 (78.69 dollars) for three nights. It makes goa a more comfortable and refreshing place for tourism along with beautiful sceneries and beaches.


When it rains in Goa? Is Goa better in rainy seasons

It usually rains in goa between June and September, the monsoon season. Where it becomes so quiet since the number of tourists reduces gradually, July is known for the wettest season, and during that period Goa is very cheap most of the hotels introduce 30-40 off in their hotel prices. You can witness the dramatic views, heavy rains at the beaches, and enjoy the greenery of Goa. As well as how the local spend their life there, you will get to enjoy many monsoon festivals such as Sao Joao Feast of St. John the Baptist – Also called, “Sao Joao”, a fertility festival and boat races with the touch of their traditional music and dance, there’s so much fun while drinking your favorite drink, at the beachside parties when rain is pouring hard.

Goa a Tourist Paradise with Serene Beauty and Beaches
A Foreign Couple enjoying in Goa

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Goa Tourist Paradise for Beauty and Beaches; How local behaves with travelers; Is Goa safe?

 How local behaves with travelers; Is Goa safe?

Goa is usually pretty saved for foreigners but sometimes the locals people will a scare to tourists around the world, you may witness menacing behavior from taxi drivers over parking areas and the corrupt Polices, there are many different stories on tourist experiences and locals behaviors against them. Which is, when a known business decided a trip on goa along with his family, one of his colleagues wanted to pick him up in the morning from the hotel, Next morning. As promised, the car was there in the morning, but few taxi drivers were arguing over that the car cannot pick people, from hotels. You can only use taxis for traveling, and we’re saying you can even call police but this car will not pick anyone up. He didn’t want any commotion, he agreed on not using the ca, but he became so angry when the police call him asking him to pay fine for causing problems to taxi drivers, Said Loopy Lou Peace that people will easily get sexually abused in buses, she shared her tragic story that she was pushed back in the bus then her breasts were touched, aggressively. Not only that many girls have shared their stories of sexual abuse in goa, in some way. When three girls were sitting at the table, enjoying their peaceful evening suddenly a group of man, occupied the table that was Infront to them. And start giving vulgar comment on them not only that they were even followed, but there are also many stories of robberies in goa when a group of men decided a trip to goa a tourist destination in India, they were robbed nearly 10,000INR. This was not taken seriously by local police,  If one decides to visit goa, if one is saved from scams, sexual abuse, bike crash, Robberies, Goa can become a little paradise for you.

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Goa a Tourist Paradise for Beauty and Beaches, Conclusion:

We can’t deny that tourism is a major boost in one’s economy and development although It can promote your culture. There are many negative effects of tourism on nature and beauty… tourists mostly don’t care about keeping those beautiful beaches clean. It usually becomes messier and polluted at the end of the day. Then there are scams and biased behaviors of locals, and unjust policy, bad roads, Goa needs some proper attention which can treat and help the tourists feel safe, although the hoteling facilities are very pleasant. There are many problems and difficulties with transport services.



Written by: Muzammil Muhammad Siddique,


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