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Government VS Private Schools and Education Standards



The day the universe came into being education has become a very important part of the man kind . Education is the basic necessity of the man .

As poet Iqbal said ;

“Nations are formed by the individuals “


Education a Complete Way of Progress for Nations:

So it also plays a very integral part in the rise and fall of the nations . Education is not a static kind of thing but it a state of evolution in which a man learns, fail , adopts, proceed , evolves and the cycle goes on . Education has a very powerful influence in the society.

Now if we proceed further and put a light on this topic at the National level we came to know that in a underdeveloped country like Pakistan it plays a very integral part . The history of education in Pakistan is the most significant topic which needs to be highlighted and examined . Whenever there is a debate in the education system of Pakistan the two main points that are very essential to own down are , the rivalry between government and private educational institutions and the role of government for education in Pakistan.

After 2001 there is a marked in yin the private educational institutions. The main thing for this discourse is not only the emergence of private sector institutions but also their progress, role and the rise in their acceptance by the public. Private educational institutions are not only influencing the elite and upper class of the society but also the middle class . They are not only relying on the advertisements for their fame and acceptance but their educational strategies and their results are also playing a role . These private institutions have various master plans by which they are masking the government educational institutions. They are playing a significant role in eradicating the illiteracy of the society. They are enhancing the skills of students and teachers both to meet the educational standards they are accepted internationally by uplifting the staff and students . They are engraving the sense of duty and responsibility in them . Their main focus is not only on the educating the students but also on polishing their abilities and by this they are letting their inner self grow , breathe and stay alive.

Comparison Between the Government and Private Schools:

If we compare the government and private educational institutions in Pakistan it is an accepted fact that their is no regularity in the staff and students and other workers. Despite of the enrollment of students in government institutions they are joining coaching centers ,tuition and academies . The academy is a trend among students and the name of academy is just like a brand name that they want to tag along with . The paradox is this , that despite of the present situation the government in paying attention to the quantity of government institutions rather than the quality of education they are bestowing the students with .

The government is the role model for the nation but the saddest part is that all the children of government officials are getting their education from renowned private educational institutions or from abroad. In this situation how can they ask and convince the public to send their children in government institutions which are lacking In basics. These are the short comings of government that are necessary to makeup for the revival of government educational institutions.

ZA Bhutto Policy for Nationalizations of Schools:

Another aspect that should be enlighten is the nationalization of education in Pakistan. This is already happened in 1972 in the era of Z.A Bhutto . There are various vistas of the policy of nationalization of education in Pakistan that was adopted by Z.A Bhutto. It engraved a log lasting effect on the culture of Pakistan.

In my perspective of nationalization of education in Pakistan their are many merits and demerits of it . On one hand where nationalization leads to the same education system all over the country, on the other hand it also affects the economy of the country.


As Irfan ul Haq said ;

“By the nationalization one could simply mean the replacement of foreigners by nationals.”


The need of hour is not to discriminate the government and private educational institutions but to bring into light the solution that can lead us to a better way . Instead of making more and more educational institutions government should pay attention to the quality of education and make it more affordable and more convenient for the people so that the lower class can also get a chance for the quality education. These steps not only increase the literacy rate but also put a positive impact on the economy of Pakistan and put a positive image of Pakistan at international level .

“Education breeds confidence, Confidence breeds hope and Hope breeds peace”


Optimism not Pessimism Regarding Government Schooling:

This article is not for blaming the government . We often raise our point towards private schools which is totally absurd . Private schools try their level best to groom a child , by giving the best both of knowledge and extra curricular activities. The high fees of private schools is another problem that is main cause of lack of harmony in the ground of education among students . But rather than crying about the high fees in the private sector , we should cry over the government sector educational institutions which is meant to be for everyone. I think that’s where we are lacking from European countries.

Quality of Education and Teachers Qualification:

Now if we discuss about the fees difference and it’s effect on parents then it’s already known that paying such high fees is a burden for parents in this era of inflation but they are just bound to do so due to the lack of facilities in the government educational institutions.

A point that is very imputing discuss here is that “why government teachers are not doing that jobs efficiently.” As far as the qualifications of the teachers are concerned, that’s not a problem because only those who have the ability gets the job in both sectors . But the point of concern is that what are the other things besides teaching , that a government teacher have to do which are hurdles in his job. The first thing besides teaching that they have to do is to do different kinds of campaigns, they have to perform their duties in censuses and in polio campaigns etc . These duties make them offended and results in the negligence of their main task .

Now coming to the conclusion, what are possible ways to resolve these problems. To dissolve all the private educational institutions is not the solution of course but to reduce the fees of private educational institutions and make them affordable is the right way . On the other hand for the government educational institutions, government should take actions and don’t put burden on teachers and let them do their duties honestly. In this way we can work for the betterment of the educational system in Pakistan and let our shine like a star on the map of the world .our shine like a star on the map of the world .

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