How Viral Infections Can Hit South Asian Countries

How Viral Infections Can Hit South Asian Countries


The modern pandemic started its war against humanity in last December. In a town of china- Wuhan, she announced her very first war, with 81,285 Cases and 3,287 Deaths of its citizens. in four month’s period, it soon opened its deadly embarrass all around the world including Italy, USA, Iran, Spain, and Pakistan causing people to stay in their homes. Today Italy and Spain are in complete lock down. They are drowning into despair as the causalities have far surpassed the china which is 6,820 Deaths and 69,176. Cases in Italy and 49,515 Cases and 3,647 Deaths in Spain yet the number of cases are keep growing and it has become the cause of 471,820 covid-19 cases and 21,297 deaths. while in Iran it has caused 27,017 Cases and 2,077 Deaths, it began its hazardous war against Pakistan, in march and while seeing its rapid growth in all over Pakistan in such a short time, my mind wanders over Pakistan’s health care and sanitation system, which has always been a challenge for Pakistan despite its 7 decades of efforts, there is still a battle for them against sanitation healthcare. Unfortunately, despite their many developmental programs as well as security measures, Pakistan has failed to provide a complete developed sanitation healthcare system to most of its rural areas.

I wonder what if the lack of sanitation in Pakistan rises the situation that surpasses the Italy in the number of causalities.

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Poor Sanitation and its Effects on Human Health:

The sanitation system that protects its people from infections related to a bad environment. it focuses to provide cleaning water and better the sewerage system, to keep the environment safer and cleaner and stop the transfer of diseases through oral routes, once intake it can cause diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid and polio, exacerbates stunting

Infections such as malaria, dengue are widely spread across Pakistan and are the most common cost of mortality and disability among children. Particularly rural areas of Punjab and Sindh, where most of these cases are reported annually, other viruses such as polio and hepatitis is also very known among its residents, Many pieces of research have been providing information about how 22,000 and more children die due to it undeveloped sanitation and many more because of less education on hygiene and healthcare. How women are suffering sexual assaults in open defection because the government has failed to provide them proper toilets in their houses and how many young girls decide to avoid going schools, because of problems they had to face in menstruation and they are not given enough education on it.

poor sanitation is making people suffer poor immune systems due to its improper education on healthcare, in educational institutes, what to eat? what to avoid? what boasts your immune? What weakens it? Where you get vitamins? Without proper health care they have no way of knowing it and that eventually ends up in illness. Since covid-19 effects are directly correlated with one’s immune. It cannot be avoided that there seems to be high chances of suffering, here, assuming the situation, of its sanitation and healthcare.

There seems to be high chances of Pakistan to surpass Italy, while I can endorse it logistically but thinking about sorrows of others still mend me, therefore it very important to have a proper sanitation health care that can increase one’s life span by fighting diseases and the modern pandemic,

Even so, Pakistan has been positive in adversities, and have improved their sanitation for many years, and despite all of this, Pakistan and its government are showing a very positive response against this deadly pandemic, in providing proper knowledge and safety measures against it, but the effects of the modern pandemic are spotless to see as we are seeing the rapid growth of cases reaching more than 900 cases and around 10 deaths, in two weeks, assuming its sanitation’s healthcare, the situation is yet to get worse.

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Importance of Sanitation for Humanity:

Proper sanitation is significant to fight against hunger, poverty, child mortality and stunting and overall well being of people since most of the disease can be ingested by drinking water, without good water, developed toilets, and sewerage system many lives of children are at risk especially children’s that are under age 5

Considering the effects, improper sanitation, bad water for hand washing, is supposed to become very hazardous for our health as well as for this nation while battling against modern pandemics. Since it can invite many viruses and can provide a suitable environment to covid-19 to rule over us, and increase its population of infected by it. that’s why we need to gain proper knowledge on how to keep our environment save, through proper sanitation and the government of Pakistan needs to distribute proper sanitation and safe drinking water to the whole nation

WHO has declared that hand hygiene plays the significant role against the modern pandemic, and they are telling again and again on washing hand with running water and usage of good soap as well as hand sanitizers, before eating healthy foods, even though many Pakistanis have access to not safe but good water there is the majority in people who still lack education on safety measures against covid-19 and other diseases that are very common in Pakistan. Therefore, it is very important to have proper knowledge of hygiene and a good sanitation system which can help us against many diseases.

Many countries that have implemented proper hygiene and good sanitation have eliminated the infections such as polio, Cholera, and are successfully fighting against covid-19 and are deliberately minimizing its growth similarly various states in china have become very successful in minimizing the spread of the covid-19 virus over the months through hand washing, and proper hygiene,

If Pakistan will become successful in providing proper sanitation not only the danger of corona can be minimized, the risk of many diseases can be eliminated, and the government of Pakistan will be able to completely eradicate viral infection such as polio, cholera, as well as the death of more than 22,000 due to diarrhea, can be safe, and by saving the environment we can lower the risk of malaria and dengue into our nation as well as many children can enjoy the luxuries of a very healthy childhood similarly if we use proper hygiene we can be very helpful to the government of Pakistan to fight against this global pandemic and through proper safety, measure help our self and other safes.

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How Can Better Sanitation Facilities be Provided:

We can start with simplifying our current sewerage system, and transfer all the dirty water in small diameter pipe in sidewalk since it is very suitable for existing unplanned low-income areas. We can better our sanitation by eliminating the problem of water shortage and by securing enough water and by maintaining enough water for hygiene and using chemicals that can purify all impurities in water. we can provide proper knowledge through educational institutes, tv, internet and with the help of celebrities and by providing better equipment to Pakistan’s minorities to fight against covid-19

In 1998 many humanitarian decided to provide safeguard soap to poor residents across Pakistan which include Lyari, at that time most of the poor were living in a very dirty environment, there were no proper toilets, and drinking water, although they were aware of sanitation and it’s important there was no home which was using soap, their act of distributing end up creating a habit of hand hygiene. After years almost half of its people were using hand washing; By starting programs that can encourage people to hand hygiene we can maintain sanitation.


The government has announced the important knowledge of hand washing in controlling and preventing covid-19 however a proper technique has not been announced and well described by them, and is not routinely followed. Researches have shown how structured hand washing system taught to its people can miss most of the areas in your hands and is less likely to kill bacteria more than 31, therefore, a new handwash system which was announced by who against this pandemic must be taught to its people through advertisement. Which has increased the chancing to Bactria killing up to 87%.

Although The government of Pakistan is making every possible effort they can, on vaccinating viruses such as polio, malaria, and dengue to completely eradicate their marks on Pakistan, and they are making every possible effort in providing knowledge, and healthcare, its efforts on sanitation have provided improved water to most of the areas but there is still vast land which is lacking proper sanitation and knowledge on health.

Authored by: Muzammil Muhammad Siddique,