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Helplessness of Strongest Healthcare System Against Corona Pandemic

Corona Virus and Italian Healthcare System

Currently over 60 million people, all proudly call Italy their home. They usually commend their healthy and safe environment. It is, in fact, veracious since they are considered to have, the best healthcare system globally, after France. It is undeniable that Italy is one of the most successful nations, to Have eradicated polio, many other viral infections, and is famous for his best sanitation healthcare. The rate of infant mortality is 2.2 deaths per 1000 lives. The median life span of its people is 84 and usually considered healthier than other under-developed countries’ residents. Regardless of it, modern pandemic has displayed the most devastating effect in this Sanitized Nation. Covid-19 has killed more than 10,000 people since its appearance in Italy, luckily around 12,384 have survived from its deadly embraced, but the active cases (70,088) are growing rapidly.

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How many healthcare systems are in Italy?

Italy’s healthcare is based on two Systems, Public Healthcare and Private Health, however, most of the healthcare of Italy is managed by Public Healthcare providers Effectively.

Public Healthcare System in Italy:

Most of the healthcare services in Italy is provided by Nation Health Service (NHS) or Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN), It is the right of every citizen and foreigner to avail their services in any region, they are usually overcrowded, people mostly have to wait in queues to get checked, and have to wait months in getting treatments, delivery systems is tricky too, people will have to take basic needs from home such as Toilet Papers, Clothes, Pampers for Babies and Mothers

Private healthcare in Italy:

Since the majority of healthcare is covered by Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN), there is very limited Healthcare System run by local authorities and usually complemented by Insurance, they are very costly without the availability of Insurance since most of Italy citizen choose Public Healthcare over Private. They are not overly crowded; you don’t have to wait in queries. you will get Royal treatments too.

How does the Italian healthcare system work?

Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN) in Italy provides its citizens and legal foreign citizen health care services effectively and mostly free of charge, Nationally, Regionally and Locally, it is their aim to provide best healthcare facilities, to all the residents, In a most local area as well. Since most of the healthcare is covered by Italy’s World Best Health Care. There are very limited other facilities that some 30% of people inhabitants opt for; Private healthcare gives you the luxuries of freedom, you can appoint your preferred doctor or specialist and can be treated in a private hospital, at home, it is likely subscribed by wealthier individuals in Italy. Since some of the treatments are very expensive without any healthcare insurance, unlike public healthcare, private healthcare is much comforting. The situation for pharmacists is very amazing they are run locally as retailers and are available in every corner. Their workers are highly skilled. They are open 24 hours all week.

How Do Pharmaceutical Companies work in Italy:

The pharmacist also provides quick home delivery services. Italy has a very fast system. One of the most reassuring things about Italy’s healthcare system is its emergency situation. Anyone can take benefit from them, whether you are their inhabitants or a foreigner, it is free or limited, all you need is to show them your card while admitted to the emergency ward. For nonresident they will be asked for Id form and a little co-payment.

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Italian Safety Measures Against Pandemic and Failure against Corona:

Italy has also developed some safety measures against pandemics Back in 2005 when the infiltration of French influenza WAS OVER, WHO recommended their safety measures against pandemics, which was developed considering the six stages of a pandemic it was obvious to be used by Italy; in case of pandemics, those were;

  1. Identify, confirm and rapidly report on cases caused by new viral sub-types to enable their timely recognition at the outset of a pandemic.
  2. Minimize the risk of transmission and limit morbidity and mortality resulting from the pandemic.
  3. Reduce the impact of the pandemic on health and social services and ensure the maintenance of essential services.
  4. Ensure adequate training for personnel involved in the pandemic response.
  5. Guarantee up-to-date and timely information on decisions, health workers, the media and the public.
  6. Monitor the efficiency of the interventions undertaken.

However, Italy failed to act on these rules sooner when covid-19 hit their homes.

Is the Italian healthcare system free?

You may be wondering that everything must be free since everything is covered by their Nation Health Service (NHS). Yes, this is true that Italian enjoys the benefits of the world’s best healthcare system and is considered free since they usually cover all the medical procedures, dental care (in an emergency situation) and eye surgeries are usually subsidized by NHS. People that are hospitalized for surgeries in a public hospital are free, you don’t need to pay to visit any doctor however they can ask to copay for some of the specialist visits. Some people tend to avoid public healthcare and opt for private healthcare which is generally considered costly without any healthcare insurance.

Is the Italian healthcare system good?

Italian health care system is the second best system in the world with their effective and cheap cost for the citizen (native and non-native) anyone can get checked by the highly skilled and trained expert for fever, flu and any other diseases they are very dedicated to their work and for the well being of its citizen, yes, considering all the facts displayed on sanitized environment, in their hospital we can assume it’s health care system is somewhat either one of the most beneficial and better healthcare systems out there. That Every other nation would dream to developed in their states yet this fast healthcare system is gradually suffering against this pandemic, almost half of their hospital beds are taken by covid-19 victims and the increasing number of doctors that have been infected by covid-19 is terribly terrifying.

Rapidness of Corona and Counter Measures by Italian Government:

The World’s Best Healthcare System, the healthiest people who are prideful, in their clean country. Who thought, they are prepared, they can fight against any pandemic. Unfortunately, this strong and powerful healthcare has completely fallen against this pandemic, more than enough people have been ended in corona’s deadly grasp. All of the hospitals established in Italy are filled with covid-19’s infected patients, this pandemic is rampaging in their streets, and hospitals  struck fears in Italian’s, mind, their hearts are bleeding as that counter for death keeps increasing, signaling those people to stay in their Homes, to save one self and other no one in Italy is feeling safe these days, their government has issued to completely locked down everything, this beautiful city resembles a graveyard for their inhabitants, the number of doctors that have died while fighting against this pandemic has reached over 51. It has wiped out entire families in Italy. Many people are mourning over the deaths of more than 10,000 citizens.

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Here’s what Yascha Mounk said, the reason behind the helplessness of their powerful healthcare is their recklessness and lack of action when few cases were reported he said,

“One of the characteristics of this disease is it has a very long incubation period. It takes a long time for it to start overburdening the health care system, but once it starts, the increase is very rapid”

And it is somewhat very true since the people were taking very lightly and were assembling in groups for dance parties, beaches, Bars, moves and public events Then suddenly the era of covid-19 rampage begin vastly.

According to Longo “one crucial takeaway is that early actions can make a big difference.”

He said “The faster they are to close the country the beneficial is will be for the country. It is an only effective mechanism that humanity as against modern pandemic to introduce a constraint to make people stay home.

This was not only neglected by Italy but other countries who have a higher rate of cases of covid-19 than other, various nations have made the same mistakes, which display us, that powerful healthcare and sanitized environment are not the solution to fight against this pandemics but it is only a factor that provides an advantage in controlling their effects. We can not only learn from Italy but China as well, Those Nations that have adapted self-isolation and reduced the chances of transmission at early stages have a very low rate of corona cases.

Conclusion and Suggestions against Corona War:

After learning facts and mistakes made by this powerful healthcare, we can assume that we should reduce the risks of corona’s transmission from people through social distancing as early as possible, start providing a cleaner  and sanitized environment, Continuously Cleaning infected areas, streets, once covid-19 has infiltrated any nation, it is not possible to find out where it is until it has been spread all over the nation, once it does. It has been shown by Italy that how devastated the outcome will be even in the nation with better and power healthcare and sanitized system.

Authored by: Muzammil Muhammad Siddique,


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