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Life of Chaos and Need of Evaluation

Strangled life and Human Beings

From negative to positive

You are the reflection of your future

in this era, it is difficult to sit at home and behave like a robot, where everyone is busy in their own life where everyone seems to be engaged in their lifestyle, where you can’t run out of this battle because this is your battle too. Life of Chaos is not suitable for human beings but if there is Chaos, it Needs Evaluation for the improvement in human life. Strangled life is not for Human Beings ever. Life of Chaos always needs Evaluation in Human life.

The world has modernized, and we are living in rapid Life, where everyone trying to humiliate others for their sake, we all are having conflicts without knowing that this is not a comfort zone, life is too vague, and is very hard to differentiate between truth and lies

life has taught one thing we will not get what we want here, it’s a sacrifice place, where you have to bear a lot of pains, but if you want something then you have to pay for it,

Enid Blyton says, “You are trying to escape from your difficulties, and there never is any escape from difficulties, never they have to be faced and fought.”

there are few ways which bring some positivity in our life from negativity.

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Life of Chaos and Humanity
Human is always superior then other creatures

Avoid to Deny your Past:

Everyone has a past. God might be testing us through difficulties, and I firmly believe that certain things sent to test and provide a chance to learn, as Robin Sharma says in his book Who will cry when you die,

“If you have failed more than others, there is a very good chance you are living more completely than others.”

Isn’t it true that we learn the most from our past! the answer is Yes, so take it bliss

you can stick with your past in a positive state,

begin your day with a determination that you would not negatively dwell in your past. that’s how you will learn, how to fight with the turmoil and

you will know how to grow.

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Count the blessings and the life of chaos:

Your life is not a prison it’s an open cage either you could select or reject, it doesn’t matter how much you took grudges with others because most people with you to support, they will encourage you to face the difficulties, consider them as a blessing, and overlook your thoughts about pros and cons

moreover, we all are hurt but glorifying,

As Debasish Mridah put it

Count your blessings to fill your life with bliss.”

Life of Chaos and Need of Evaluation in Humanity
Human life requires change always.

Get Rid of Chaos and Make a Change in life:

Life would be change if you initiate to absorb positivity, spread love, catch your dreams, claim rewards, break your mold and make your soul, challenge yourself and then you realize new dawn has waited for you, distracting thoughts will make you fragile, ask yourself, when you felt composed and things happen just the way you want to be, countless time, and you didn’t consider them,

Sometimes we must look outside our backyards to realize how big the world is and how blessed we are

Eugene Nathaniel Butler.

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Life lessons will help you to get rid from Life of Chaos and Need of Evaluation in Humanity:

have you learned anything from your grief or dilemma? start your life with the new beginning make plans and implement on it, what have you learned from past, practice gratitude and make your life easier

Oscar Wilde said life is too important to be taken seriously,

things will happen and it ends, but it doesn’t mean once-over has finished, it continues again and again,

but if you hold conscious steps, then you will bring peace in your life when you look yourself by a new perspective, your heart filled with pride, and this is the best gift which you present to yourself, you would glow for sure, things will not work until you pick the right path, focus on your capabilities rather than your incompetence, once you get control on your intellectual thoughts you will be able to achieve whatever you want, and the new sunrise is waiting for you.


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Written by:

Farheen Fatima, farh3en.f@gmail.com



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