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Most Beautiful Country In Asia

Most Beautiful Country In Asia

We travel for many reasons. Some travel to explore the culture, tradition, food, and most importantly, Mother Nature. Asia is one of the continents which has it all. In Asia, there are so many countries that are known for its Nature and prehistorical places including Himalayas of Bhutan, jungles of Malaysia, and the long men garrotte of China. But the most beautiful country in Asia is the Philippines.

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Philippines, The Most Beautiful Country In Asia:

The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country. Its capital is Manila. It is famous for the waterfront promenade and centuries-old China town Biondo. North Manila is popular for hiking because of the Cordillera mountains, while Ifugao province is famous for rice terraces carved into its landscape. It is also famous for offshore Calamian Islands that have palm-fringed beaches, turquoise lakes, and coral reef diving. Filipinos are very religious. They comprise a blend of traditional Philippines and Spanish catholic traditions, which is influenced by America and other parts of Asia. Filipinos are amiable and they have good hospitality that’s why the Philippines is one of the tourist-friendly countries.

Most Beautiful Country In Asia
Mall of Asia in Philippine

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Traditions and Culture of the Most Beautiful Country In Asia:

There is some famous tradition which only the Filipinos will understand. Filipinos love to sing. That’s why it is normal to have old radios and music station in their houses.

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The Philippines is also famous for its cockfighting. For a normal person, it might seem cruel to see. The mere bird’s fight but for Filipinos. The owner has all the faith and hope in their birds. Now the most interesting tradition is celled three months of Christmas. Philippines are a deeply religious nation. They have adapted Christmas tradition and added their rituals and twists. This tradition is good for the people who love to celebrate a long Christmas. Filipinos love street parades. Each village and city in the Philippines has its “fiesta” and if you are the person who loves decorated streets with colourful flyers and loves to watch parades so, what are you waiting for? You must visit the Philippines. Because of the friendly tradition, the Philippines is the best place to visit with your family.

Most Beautiful Country In Asia
Beautiful beaches and Boating places in Philippine

Traditional Foods of the Most Beautiful Country In Asia:

The Philippines is also a good place for foodies, in short, it is food heaven. Because the Philippines is also famous for its street food and snacks. The foods in the Philippines are a must-try. Their famous dish is called chicken adobo, and it is loved by everyone. Their so many dishes like Buko the Filipino coconut, halo halo the best Filipino dessert and much more.

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There are so many dishes which are worth to try. The Philippines is also a fun place to visit because of its weather. Being a tropical country sometimes it rains and sometimes it’s hot. Foreigners love to visit there so, they can get a nice tan. Because of its weather, it Is also good for outdoor activities.

Most Beautiful Country In Asia
Colorful Beaches for Boating and dating

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For tourism, the Philippines Is one of the best countries. It is also the third-largest country to speak English so there will be no language problem. Don’t worry at all. The tourist guide also speaks several languages. The adventure to the Philippine awaits…



Written by: Burhanuddin Shabbar,

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