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Most Fascinating Places in India for Tourists and Families

Top 10 Tourist Spots in India for Tourism

India makes the perfect holiday destination as it is bounded by Indian ocean in its south, Arabian sea on its west, Bay of Bengal on the East and snow capped Himalaya ranges towards the north. It is probably one of the most diverse countries existing on this planet. So much diverse that it has the most coldest places in Kashmir with the most driest place on the Earth – The Thar Desert. India is home to a variety of destinations starting from hill stations to beautiful beaches to many other spiritual places and many more. It is always adored and graced by millions of travelers traveling across every year. If we see the facts India is the 7th largest country in the world and 2nd largest as for as its population is concerned. It is really commendable that the country with vibrant lands and so much of diversity especially into religion, language, culture and geography manages as a single democratic country. To make the best of your time during a visit to India note down the top 10 Most Fascinating Places in India for Tourists and Families:

Most Fascinating Places in India for Tourists and Families
Taj Mahal a Memorandum of Love and affection

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Remembrance of love and Beauty Taj Mahal Agra:

When we want to discuss the beauty of India then Taj Mahal is at the top position among the Most Fascinating Places in India for Tourists and Families in India. Agra which is regarded as the land of TAJ mainly as it is home to one of the most beautiful seven wonders of the world – Taj mahal. The city has in fact an architectural history with three UNESCO world heritage sites the great Taj mahal, the Agra fort located in the city and Fatehpur Sikri. Taj mahal the white beauty is considered to be the monument of eternal love and sacrifice. This place is an answer to most of the couples who are planning for a romantic holiday trip. It was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his late wife Mumtaz Mahal on the banks of river Yamuna. The beauty of Taj mahal clearly illustrates the Mughal craft and creativity to the core. Being an icon of Love it is regarded as the number 1 tourists place in India. Agra has the finest Mughal forts in the country and the most popular being the Agra fort itself. Agra Fort is renowned for its numerous historic structures which are really impressive. These structures include Shish Mahal which is a Mirror Palace, Diwan-e-aam used as a Hall of general audience and Diwan-e-khaas which is a Hall of private audiences. Fatehpur Sikri comprise of various mosques and tombs is also known as City of Victory is not behind in beautifying the city more. The red sand stone palace walls, Buland Darwaza, Jama Masjid, are a few popular tourists attractions to be named in fatehpur Sikri. The best part of these historic places is that each one have a very interesting story associated with it. Locals and tour guides love to share the same on famous places. Agra has such a magical appeal to most of the tourists that it attracts a huge pool of people every year towards it.

Most Fascinating Places in India for Tourists and Families
Kashmir a heavenly paradise on earth

The Heaven of Tourism on Earth Jammu and Kashmir:

 Jammu and Kashmir which is considered as Earth’s Paradise is a must to be in ones India visit. Kashmir has at the top second priority for visitors in Most Fascinating Places in India for Tourists and Families. The city is India’s own moon land and its scenic beauty is breath taking. It has numerous mountains covered with snow and it makes the view all together more attractive.  The city is also a home to a number of exquisite monuments. The local handicrafts available in the markets are very eye catchy and every traveller visiting this place would definitely attracted in buying the same. Cave shrine of Amarnath and Vaishnodevi attracts a large pool of visitors as here the nature happens to meet spirituality. Mandate to mention the Buddhist monasteries here are a must visit for a peaceful experience. As this is the place of God a lot of pilgrims come to take the God’s blessings here on a large scale.  Two mountain ranges namely Pir Panjal and Karakoram are the most popular ones here. The rivers, lakes and the hilly areas of the city makes it more adventurous. People who are fantasize with sports are lucky enough to enjoy here various kinds of sports like trekking, river rafting, paragliding etc. Mountain peaks and beautiful glaciers make this place look like heaven completely. Some other renowned places for tourists attractions include the Dal lake, Pahal gam, Khardung La Pas, Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Kashmir valley and Shalimar Bagh. Dal lake is very known for its house boat and Shikara ride and makes a perfect place for a honeymoon couple. The best part about J & K is the kind and gentle people staying here which would make your trip surely a memorable one.

Most Fascinating Places in India for Tourists and Families
Goa serene beauty of Beaches and sunshine

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Landscape of Beaches, Beauty, Tourism and Love Goa:

Though Goa is a very tiny state in the west line of India stretching to the Arabian sea but it never fails in fetching a huge number of tourists. it comes in Most Fascinating Places in India for Tourists and Families due to its gorgeous beaches and serene beauty. It is a state of beautiful beaches, romantic sunsets and crazy parties. It is the perfect destination for party lovers as this place never sleeps and is always on the rocks forever and ever. One can surely call it as the official party hub hence. It is a land of hundreds of palm trees with golden sand spread over at multiple places. Portuguese heritage is no where lacking in making this place look more scenic and splendour. It has innumerable beaches with old style churches and bunglows which are very eye catchy. Not only this but if you are fond of water sports Goa is best for you. It offers a variety of sports including River rafting, Scuba diving, Parasailing, bungee jumping and many more. Cruise and House boats are another tourist attractions that Goa has especially for couples on a romantic dates. It also has a dolphin trip, Crocodile safari, Grand Island Tour, Dudhsagar water fall to name a few more places here which are loved by many. To cover all the sightseeing in Goa one must divide the tour into North and South Goa. Where north Goa comprise of forts and beaches mostly like the famous Fort Aguada and Fort Chapora along with Calangute, Candolim, Anjuna and Baga beach etc. On the other hand south Goa few starts with a few temples  like Shri Manguesh at Priol and Shri Shantadurga Temple at Kavlem. The pubs and parties here would make your body move in different mode with their vibrant music.

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Most Fascinating Places in India for Tourists and Families
A rich Cultural and Historical Heritage center

The Beauty of Sunrise and Sunset for Tourism Kanyakumari, South India:

Kanyakumari is a town on the coast which is a must to visit in the list of south india tour. It is famous mainly for its sunrise and sunset views over the ocean among a lot of people. It is surrounded by mountains and sea shores which makes it more of an adventurous spot. With a home to millions of coconut tress it has a few valleys. Like all the other places in India this one is also spiritually inclined which is very much evident with its Bahgvaty Amman Temple. The Vivekananda Rock Memorial is one the most iconic structure in Kanyakumari. It is more famous one being the most gigantic structure and secondly it is built surrounding the sea. The only way to reach this is through a boat or a ferry ride. Isn’t that sound interesting. One can surely enjoy boating while on his/ her way to visit this memorial for sure. It is dedicated to one of the most popular philosopher Swami Vivekanand who used to meditate here. One more massive structure over here is the statue of Saint poet Thiruvalluvar which is the biggest in the Asian subcontinent. In addition to all this Kanyakumari also embraces a lot of historic places too like Padmanabhapuram palace, The Gandhi memorial and the Vattakotai fort. The beaches and waterfalls here makes it a perfect destination especially for the ones who are looking for a relaxing trip. The white sand accompanied by blue beaches makes an unforgettable combination to sip and enjoy a cold drink in the afternoon hours.

Most Fascinating Places in India for Tourists and Families
Beauty Love and sunshine of South India

The Beauty of Tea Greens, Slops and Western Ghats Kerala:

Kerala is one more excellent destination added to the list of an India tour. It is guarded by Arabian sea at one side and Western Ghats on the other. Towards the slopes are the beautiful tea gardens which gives such an enchanting green view to all the visitors that makes their trip fresh and memorable one.  Apart from its scenic beauty Kerala is well known for its plantations in to tea, coffee and spices greatly. It has a splendid wildlife too comprising numerous Sanctuaries and national parks. Not only this but it is also filled with hill stations and back water spots. It is nt wrong to be regarded as “Little Venice”. Alleppey tops the list of backwaters in Kerala. Its serene beauty through a houseboat attracts hell number of tourists every year to Kerala. Munnar is another sightseeing hill station which is highly recommended because of its Valleys and the low flying clouds all over. Vagamon, Varkala, Kozikhode, Wayanad, Kumarakom are a few other places where enjoyment is guaranteed over here. Kerala is also popular among many for its wildlife and one may opt for Eravikulam or Silent Valley national park. It is called as Gods own country as is home to a number of ancient temples like Mallikarjuna, Madhur, Thonikadavu and Ananthapura temple etc. for beach lover too this place doesn’t lead to disappointment as there are so many blue beaches with white sand in fact Kerala is queen of Arabian sea. Kizhunna, Bekal, Kappil, Pallikere beach are a few interesting beaches to point out.

Most Fascinating Places
UNESCO Heritage and Cultural site in India

UNESCO Heritage Sites and Inspiration for Tourism Ajanta & Ellora Caves:

What more could be a proud moment than UNESCO world heritage site designation nestled in one of the state of India? The Ajanta and Elloras cave are the finest rock cuts of the ancient times with beautiful sculptors and structures engraved on rocks. Ajanta and Ellora caves are 29 and 34 in numbers respectively spread out in a huge area. Fact states that theses were built over more than a decade back in the 2nd century BC, 6TH and 11th century AD. The overall site looks near to impossible as the structures are really unimaginable to be constructed in that period. In fact to build such a magnificent site in todays era where we have so much of innovations in to machines and mankind is impossible. These caves have an amalgamation of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain monuments which is clearly illustrated by its mere look. The carvings and painting on the rock cut outs are such a fascination to eyes and gives a clear picture of the Indian ancient architecture and heritage. Out of all the caves the Kailasha temple is the most famous as it is the only single monolithic structure and is the largest in the world. These caves are surrounded by dense trees and forests around them.  These caves are the perfect place for a walk through the Indian history and especially for those who have keen interest in history of the country. These caves are the star tourists attractions of the country and many foreigner’s plan their vacations here often.

loveable places in india
Land of beauty, Sunshine and Lakes

The Land of Dramatic Mountains and Mesmerizing Lakes for Tourism Leh / Ladakh:

 Leh is a land of dramatic mountains, enchanting prayer flags with mesmerizing lakes and monks mantras 24/7. Adventure enthusiast call it as the Biker’s Paradise and it truly is! Every biker die for a road trip to Ladakh as it assures a quick adrenaline rush in the body. This place is spread over a wide are in the Himalayan ranges and is sparingly populated making it perfect for a vacation destination. This place is full of deep and scenic valleys all over namely Indus, numra valley etc. A ride on the double humped campaigning sites beside the Numra valley is breath taking. A rive to Khardungla pass on to the magnetic hill is a must to visit in the itinerary to experience the magic behind the place. The place is full of monasteries just to give you a spiritual day by planning out tour to Thiksey, Rizong, Hamis, Shanti stupa, Alchi and Likir Monasteries etc. If inclined to spirituality and culture one uct surely opt for their culture tour to get an idea about the existence of this place.  For some picturesque view this place is perfect for photographers especially as it gives such a dreamy layout that one could remember forever. If you are adventurous you might like various activities offered here like Trans Himalayan jeep safari, Indus Valley trekking tour, Rafting or wildlife tour, Snow leopard trek etc. This place is majorly popular for bike trips hence grab your leather jacket with fuel filled in your bikes to experience the most thrilling trip of your life journey!

Most Fascinating Places in India for Tourists and Families
Virgin Island of India

The Beauteous Tourist Spot Andaman and Nicobar Islands with Golden Sand:

 Andaman and Nicobar Island is another gem in the list of places while  visiting India. It has blue seas with a number of  virgin islands and golden sand which attracts millions of tourists attention to this wonderful place. As per the facts it has a total of 572 islands and surprisingly only 37 is habitat to mankind with a few open only for tourist visit. These islands are certainly heaven to people who like to be isolated as it is sparingly populated and polluted too. With shining beaches this union territory has a colonial past. For the ones who are fond of fauna and flora into the coral reefs under the sea this place offers a wide range of adventures plus water sports activities. With multiple daily ferries available at different tourists site this island is never ending place. The major two islands renowned over here are Havelock and Neil Island which are more into minds because of their unspoiled and untouched beaches. The pristine beaches are surrounded by palm trees and coconut grooves which given a more greener picturesque view especially to photographers. Majorly the presence of  Cellular Jail named as “Kaala Pani” is a one another memorable spots here as during the British era in India most of the Indian prisoners were being kept over here. A leisure vacancy should always be accompanied by a never ending excitement and hence snorkeling, paragliding, scuba diving etc are a must do things here. The local markets here certainly showcases the rich history of this place and it very entertaining who likes to try different cuisines.

land of history and love
Land of Golden and rich culture

Land of Honeymoons and Scotland of India Mysore:

Mysore is no doubt a definite tourist place for families, friends and couples especially on their honeymoons.  It is rightly said to be Scotland of India and to know why one must surely visit this place. Being the 3rd populated place in its state Mysore is rich for its ancient and royal  heritage. If you are an Indian you would surely know  the love of an Indian women for a saree and this place does not disappoint them with a collection of beautiful silk sarees. Mysore comprises of hills and valleys and which makes it even more eye catching for viewing. It is called as a city of palaces and a princely state too as the Mysore Palace stands out of the world to many. The architecture and design of this palace is breath taking and shows the creativity of the locals of ancient times here. If you wish to experience like a king this glittering palace is a perfect destination. Mysore is also very much renowned for different types of spices like sandalwood etc. Every year a huge bunch of people fly across the globe and visit this city for that royal feeling. For people more into spirituality this place nestles a few religious temples too like Somnath temple, Venugopala Swamy temple, Namdrolling Monastery etc. Ooty is a nearby attraction that is recommended too as visiting the same you would get a feeling of meeting the queen of the Nilgiri mountains surely.

Land of culture
Beauty of the Scotland of the India

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Historical Freak of Tourism in India Jaipur / Udaipur:

 If you are a person who historical freak Jaipur and Udaipur both these cities are for you completely. Jaipur being the capital of the state Rajasthan in India is a home to a very royal palace which is aesthetically built in ancient times in its center. With the huge camels walking on the roads this place gives a feeling of royalty through out the visit. There are so many activities catered inside the palace with a few to be named here as Jantar Mantar, Hawa mahal, a royal observatory.  Amber fort is one more tourists attractions here which makes it worth to visit this place. This pink city is an amalgamation of old and new structures which showcases the royal history of the Indian culture amazingly here. With the existing places this place nestles a lot of temples, museums and forts too which are a mandate to visit here. Udaipur is one more city of lakes that you should plan while a trip to India. A serene boat ride in the lake Pichola here would surely prove the reason why it is called the “City of Lakes”. Second probable reason could be as it is surrounded by total 4 lakes surely. This city is a pride compromising most of the structure having beautiful and eye catching aesthetics with creative and innovative sculptures all over. Once you visit this place one can realize why is it regarded as the Venice of East. Yes such beautiful and serene this place looks. Few amin attractions of this city include the Sajjangarh Palace, Fateh sagar lake, Eklingji Temple etc.

India showcases a rich and royal heritage on account of the numerous centuries efforts over a decade of time. With various cultures and religions and traditions to be followed which have been leaving their shadows every now and than in the country.  With Leh being the most coldest place in India almost all the places here are happy and worth visiting for any traveler across the globe. Rains in India mostly starts from the month of July and goes until October followed by a winter season till February where as than the summer season initiates. It is highly advised to visit the country during the winters. What t wear in India greatly depends on the seasons mentioned above and one must pack things accordingly. A well planned trip can take nearly 2- 3 months to cover the entire country. With advancements in the country India is moving more towards safety and is growing to be more safe especially for foreigners and single woman. Art and crafts depicting the Indian culture are the must to buy things in India.

Visit to India gives an opportunity to the tourists to enjoy various untapped and peaceful beaches with pristine eye sights in to hills and valleys. Water sports with adventurous activities are always a cherry on the cake for any traveler. Those who love nature would be keen in exploring the wild life sanctuaries and greens and national parks of the country. Entry to this exotic country would definitely encompass its spiritual, historical and cultural treasures and India is best known for all these.

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Aparna Dhakne, aparnadhakne09@gmail.com



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