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My Aim in Life and Self Confidence

My Aim in Life and Self Confidence

Helen Keller said optimism is the faith that leads to achievement; nothing can be done without hope and confidence. My Aim in Life and Self Confidence go side by side for achievements.

As Muslim, we have faith ALLAH gives us many abilities, but these abilities when we use and show when they need to show but self-confidence, it is only one thing it is seen from our behaviour self-confidence is the most significant power to become a successful person it is the key to success I saw many people. They have a degree, but they do not have confidence, and they were doing hard work more than others, but they did not achieve their goals.

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Self Confidence and Life Achievements
Every difficult work, we can do from our courage and self confidence.

Because one believes.`

In oneself, one does.

Try to convince other

Because one is

Content with oneself

One does.t every need

Another .approval

One accepts because

Oneself. the whole

The world accepts him or

Her  Lao Tzu

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We can say that this is very important for everyone if we would go to somewhere for an interview and they start asking questions with us that time they will observe us is he and she confident or not. After that, they check your documents and if you do not trust yourself no one will trust on your self and its right because they will give responsibility in his organization if you do not trust in your self how can you give better work? How will can I Achieve “My Aim in life without Self Confidence?

how can build self-confidence:

Some people have when they are bone some people build it if you have by birth it’s mean you are lucky. However, if you don’t have you can build quickly start with zero it’s not tricky first of all you will set your goals which you want to get it, and you start work on it before starting you will write your five weakness and strength after you will work on your weak points then you will start reading books and get the knowledge and start talking with different people, and take an interest in sports activities and most important thing taking with yourself and start appraising yourself because there are very few people in this world to appreciate other. And should not compare yourself, other people, you have to be confident that what you have is not others have. Because you have different abilities and others have different abilities.so start work on yourself.

My Aim in life and Self confidence
Self-confidence leads to achieve our goals of life

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Every child has different abilities .and they have different nature parents should handle the children according to nature because children have very sensitive and they feel everything that time compassionate for children, and now they lose his confidence, and they start to get negative things, and after this, its effect has been on them all their lives. if parents appreciate his child whenever they achieve something little, do not fight parents, in front of children because of this behaviour Brock the children so mast friendly environment.


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Written By:Wajeeha Maseeh, wajeeha121@gmail.com


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