Monday, September 14, 2020
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National Response Center for Health Taking Serious Steps to Counter Corona

As per the Remarks of Premier of Pakistan Imran Ahmed khan Niazi, “We are alert to the dangers & have put in place sufficient protocols for the safety and health of our people. The WHO has commended our efforts as being among the best in the world”

I want to inform the nation I am personally overseeing measures to deal with COVID 19 & will address the nation soon. I would advise people to follow safety instructions issued by our govt. While there is a need for caution there is no need for panic”.

The premier has made these remarks on social blogging website twitter.

Yesterday Pakistani state minister for Health also participated in SARK also discussed the grave situation worldwide due to Corona Virus and also demanded to SAARK plate form that the lock down of the Indian Occupied Kashmir must be removed and the IOK Massive must be given the right for medication, Communication and freedom of speech.

Mr. Zafar mirza also shared a video as a precautionary measure from COVID 19.


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