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Pakistan Uses Technology and Chatbot to Raise Awareness Against Corona Virus

Tania Aidrus the Head of the Prime Minister’s ‘Digital Pakistan’ initiative, confirmed on Monday that the government of Pakistan is going to launch a chatbot program to address common concerns and provide the basic information on the outbreak of Novel Corona Virus.

Tania Aidrus was a senior official at Google before joining Digital Pakistan’ initiative. On Monday ex Google senior executive wrote on Twitter“Our team wanted to build an effective way to get information out to Pakistanis. We’ve launched a chatbot to address common concerns on #Coronavirus. You can find labs near you and even do a quick test to assess your risk of #Coronavirus. Please try it out!”

Tania Aidrus the Head of the Prime Minister’s ‘Digital Pakistan’ initiative commented earlier that the government is using data and technology to ‘get ahead of the coronavirus’. She also added that  ‘war room’ has been created where technology volunteers can collaborate with State Minister of Health of Pakistan Dr Zafar Mirza and team.

“We’re using data analytics techniques and cutting edge technology to get ahead of the #Coronavirus. We’re trying to modernize and streamline data collection from the frontlines. We have some of the best @CodeforPakistan engineers available in Pakistan volunteering their support,” she wrote.

The number of confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Pakistan has risen to 150 as of Monday. There are more than 104 people with positive Corona tests.

158 countries have been hit worldwide and  more than 6,500 people have been passed away by the novel virus. 170,000 people are infected by the virus. Scientists have named ‘COVID-19’ to the virus.



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