Privacy Policy

Visitor’s Personal Information: always care for the privacy of our writers, Journalists, freelancers and visitors. We never provide information of our writers, Journalists, freelancers and visitors to any one. Email address, name etc of the visitors is used only to respond them if they have any query. But if someone provides his information in comments section or any other person on our website then we don’t guarantee for the security of information. Privacy policy of Todaynewsasia is “Our visitor’s information can not be shared to anyone”.

Google AdSense & Cookies and Privacy policy of Todaynewsasia:

Every organization and company requires funds to meet its expenses. So we use Google Ad Sense for this purpose to earn to our expenses. In this way we provide our visitors the latest and up to date advertisements through our website. Google uses cookies to show these advertisements as per the needs and requirements of our visitors and our website.

Data Security and Privacy policy of Todaynewsasia:

To make content is very difficult and irksome work. We pay to our writers, bloggers and freelancers for this purpose. So we don’t allow the use of our data without prior permission and if someone uses it without permission then we can make him, her responsible to the court of law for this unauthorized access. We always maintain the authenticity and correctness of our data .We take every necessary measure for the safety of data that we collect from online resources.

Our Privacy:

Our all data, logos, content colors, themes & other things regarding our website is our proprietary. We don’t allow unauthorized access to our website. No one can use our logo, color scheme, font, content, blog, articles and other things relevant to our website. If some one is found against our privacy policy then we have the right to carry him in the court of law. also has the right to make any change in our website, data, designing and privacy.