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Problems of the University Students

Problems of the University Students

Convince Problems For university Student are going worsen day by day through the nation. But Transportation Problems in UOK are at an alarming point. Here students are facing multple problems. here we are going to discuss the Problems of the University Students.

Many Students From Hub Travel Karachi University For Attending Their Classes.They travel from Hub to the University of Karachi on a bike.It is 35 KM away from Hub To Karachi University. The complete daily travelling is 70 KM. According To The Collective Statistics, 45 Students daily Form Hub Visit Karachi University For Their Classes.10 Out Of 45 are females. They have arranged a van for themselves. They do outback daily. Many females students Can’t join university Because of no Point or Vehicle For the students of Hub That they can go Karachi university. If there is a transport facility For students, the number can increase to double. It is very difficult for a female to go to university by local buses which take 2 hours to reach university.

A student of University of Karachi is describing problems in these words:

We have difficulties to reach the University of Karachi from Hub. First of all, we have to face very rush traffic which always causes accidents. Second, those students who travel to local transportations have to exchange two buses and auto to reach the University and due to this, they always become late for their classes. Seeing these all situations, many students don’t continue their study, and it also discourages other students who want to get themselves enrolled. Moreover, there are students, who want to save their time and want to have relaxation, start living in private hostels and rooms near the University. But, it also becomes tough to survive because they don’t bear the expenses of living in private rooms. Last, seeing these all problems every day, we the students realize how we have been going through getting an education which is our basic right.

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Male students are compelled to use their bikes on the risky highway which proved to be dangerous for saving. It is very hard and dangerous to visit university from Hub on Bike. It is always like facing Death on way to university. Sometimes We are about to hit another vehicle. Sometimes we are about to be hit by another vehicle. It is miserable for the students to travel from Hub to Karachi. It takes 50 minutes to reach at university having a speed of 80 on a bike. We request to the authorities to take some important measures to provide a point from Hub to the university of Karachi for save journey otherwise days are not far when we may lose our life.

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Transportation Problems in Uok, University of Karachi
Students facing problem regarding transportation in UOK


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Written by: Muhammad Jamal Magsi
>First Year Persian Department Student University of Karachi
>Ambassador, Persian Department, Karachi University Debating Society, >General Secretary Lasbela Educational Movement, >Zonel Head Wisdom Institute Lasbela, >Debator, Declamator, >Social Activist>Volunteer At Hub literary Forum
>Volunteer At Achieving Success>Urdu, English Blogger


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