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Quaid e Azam at Quetta

On 13th August, Quaid e Azam’s blood pressure had slow to a small degree and the feet swelling had occurred again. This condition forced to leave the demanding height of Ziarat and to soon reach to Quetta. The whole arrangement was done carefully to make this long journey safe for him. After four hours of driving with a small tea stay at Quaid e Azam resting home, the whole team reached to Quetta. The Residency had already arranged, and he was shifted on a stretcher on the first floor to his bedroom.

The next morning, on 14th August, was the Anniversary of the establishment of Pakistan. Independence Day was celebrated in a suitable manner at Quetta.  Quaid e Azam was refreshed and had satisfactory blood pressure and pulse rate. On 16th August, the X-ray and blood examination showed about 40% of definite improvement. But it was embarrassing that he not cure completely to 100%. His condition was improved and was able to do work for about an hour of every day. Mr. Ispahani, Mr. Muhammad Ali, Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan, and Mr. Ghazanfar Ali Khan, all of whom visited Quaid-i-Azam residency and had seen an improvement in the condition of Quaid-i-Azam health.

Quaid e Azam at Quetta
Quaid e Azam at Quetta

After three weeks on the 23rd of August, his temperature had been normal, but there is atrophy of the muscles and the circulation was weak, it only improves when he became ambulatory. The doctors decide to start an exercise and help him in taking a few steps that are gradually increasing every day. It makes a great change in his health but after four days the lung condition was worsening and there was persistent breathlessness. In this condition, the doctors suggest to move him to such an area where the oxygen tension is much higher than at Quetta. The doctors put consideration on Karachi as it exists on the sea level and had reasonable cool weather during August and September. Quaid-i-Azam shows her desire for Sibi and wants to avoid Karachi. But doctors not allowed for it because of the hot temperature and dusty nature of Sibi. Miss Jinnah offer Malir which is quitter than Karachi and had a dry climate. But the suitable residency at Malir was the house of Nawab of Bahawalpur, who was at that time in London. It was difficult to contact him but finally, the cable was sent through the High Commissioner for Pakistan in London on 30th August. It was expected to get his reply within 24 hours but there was a delay of about three days in his reply. In this situation, the condition of Quaid-i-Azam was very worse and the decision to go to Malir was postponed. The doctors still have a suggestion for Karachi, but Quaid-i-Azam wished that he go to Karachi when he was able to walk from the car to his room; not to take him on a stretcher to his room.

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His desire for food gradually decreased and enlargement of feet was very prominent. Doctors adjust the diet to improve the appetite and reduce the swelling of feet, but there was no improvement. Quaid-I-Azam shows satisfaction from his life that he complete his job and there was no need to live more.  These feelings were very sorrowful that he give up the fight against his disease. Doctors focusing on one disorder another were appearing but they try their best to improve all these conditions.

He had a sudden rise and fall in temperature at any time, this makes the doctors worry. The doctors decide for the night nurse to give him proper attention. Quaid refuses for the night nurse but doctors arranged the more energetic and tactful night nurse in order to not quit any deficiency.

On 5th September the doctors did the entire test, they found an improvement in hemoglobin and red cell count but they found germs of pneumonia. His condition had irregular symptoms; abnormal rise and fall in temperature, further decrease in appetite, less output of urine, worsen cough, and breathlessness. The doctors arrange crystalline medicine and make changes in therapy but they fail to make any improvement in his condition. Finally, the doctors decide to consult with the abroad doctors. Miss Jinnah prefers German doctors and to avoid any London doctors because of their previous bad experience in diagnosing the disease of Quaid-i-Azam. Dr.Shah suggests the name of an American doctor, he knows him personally. It took time in arriving at a doctor from America; therefore it was decided to call Dr. M.A Mistry from Karachi. Dr. Mistry arrives on 9th September, after looking at all the reports and condition of the patient he suggests nothing that all the treatment are perfect there was no need in changing the therapy.

In all these conditions Quaid-i-Azam worries about the future of Kashmir. One day he reminds me that he had an appointment with the Kashmir Commission. But doctors not allowed any visitors or interviewer to make him mentally upset. The doctors had no hope of further improvement in the health of their patients. They decided to leave Quetta as soon as possible and take risk of traveling by air, Miss Jinnah agreed with this decision.

Quaid e Azam at Quetta
Quaid e Azam at Quetta

The Quaid-i-Azam’s plane was ready for the emergency fly. The doctors check all the arrangements and confirm to make this journey satisfactory. They check the stretcher wide to pass easily into the plane, cushion seats that were also converted into a bed, and put an oxygen cylinder filled from the Military Hospital. The doctors also instructed the pilot to fly as low as possible and avoid bumpy travel. The doctor also gives the list to the nurse to keep heart stimulants, fruit juices, sterile syringes, bottles, and devices in the plane for any emergency.

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After doing all the arrangements a few minutes before departure the doctor takes permission from Quaid to leave the Quetta and went to Karachi. It was necessary to give the importance of Quaid-i-Azam’s wish as he wants to go to Karachi when he was able to go by himself. Miss Jinnah gives this responsibility to the doctor to ask from his brother, but Quaid-i-Azam agrees with this decision.

All the team starts this risky journey wistfully. In all the hilly areas the condition of the patient was impaired but doctors try their best to compensate for all the conditions. They give oxygen after some time when the nails become bluish because of the height. After the hilly areas, the pilot tries to fly below 7,000 feet, and then the doctors and Miss Jinnah relaxed as the condition of Quaid-i-Azam was satisfactory.






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