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Qualities of Effective Leaders and Comparison Between the Amazon founder’s and Alibaba’s CEO

Comparison Between the Amazon founder and Alibaba's CEO

Leadership is defined as the ability to implement ideas and formulate goals to influence the group. The source of this influence may be very formal, for example, a managerial position — leadership impact on other people of achieving individual goals. A leader is a person who leads others. Leaders are run by small groups, organizations, and states. The existence of a leader is essential for any group, as any ordinary business requires organization, leadership, which are the responsibilities of the leader. The leader is responsible for maintaining order and stability in his community. Its responsibilities include group packing, packing and connecting people, mobilizing them to achieve common goals.

Leader qualities and competencies:

It is essential for a leader to have the intellect, to be confident, to have faith to be creative and  energetic.  To be a leader, to be challenging to succeed unless endowed with endurance, physical and intellectual abilities. These opportunities are filled through energy. The leader must also be courageous, brave, motivated to succeed, able to engage with the community. Be a people-lover, not lazy to work with and communicate with them. Have the desire and ability to lead a group of people. Leaders are always understanding the feelings of others, have the talent to put themselves in the place of others and try to understand them and do not expect to be loved. Emotional intelligence is one of the essential characteristics of leaders.  According to recent studies, as it is a component of empathy, a compassionate leader can hear, understand, and respond to the needs of others. (Bassell, Lambert & Friedman, 2019).

Transformational Leadership:

There are the following models of transformational leadership. According to the Bass Model, transformational leadership emerges when leadership develops and nurtures employee interests. It ensures that employees share and accept the group’s goals and mission, empowers employees to transcend their interests and take care of the collective. To achieve this, a leader may possess charisma, address the emotional needs of subordinates, and stimulate employees intellectually. Accordingly, a transformational leader: charismatic, inspirational, intellectually stimulating, and individually mindful. (Moskovitz, 2019).

According to Weber’s model: A transformational leader is characterized by heroism and dedication. Historically, they are wise men and prophets. In this case, followers are based on personal confidence, sharing their goals and vision. According to Burns: A transformational style leader has failed to motivate his followers and maintain high morale within the collective, which in turn is a prerequisite for success. Once the basic style of a leader is clarified, the situation leader needs to be matched. Idler identified three situational factors:

  1. Relationship between leader and subordinate, degree of trust and respect
  2. Delegate case among employees
  3. Degree of control by the leader – dismissal; Discipline; Promotion; salary raise.

Robert’s the Theory of Goal:

Robert House created the Theory of Goal; according to this theory,  a leader must help the employee achieve the goal.  And also ensure that the goals of the employee and the goals of the organization are consistent. The leader shows the employee the way and helps him or her to walk the path (Zhang, 2018).  The house has outlined four models of leader behavior:

Directive: Employees know very well what a leader expects them to do, plan their work, and make recommendations on how to deliver a specific performance.

Caring Leader: Being friendly and caring about employee problems.

Lead Partner: Provides employees with an insight into the decision-making process.

He sees the purpose and believes that his staff will be entirely spent to achieve that goal. (Al Marhoobi & Attan, 2017).

According to Hughes, a leader can demonstrate any of these four models depending on the situation, and the situational factor is three:

  1. Structure of the task
  2. Formal Command Group
  3. Working Group. (Zhang, 2018).

It is essential that the leadership style is chosen according to the situation. There are four types of situational leadership:

Types of Situational Leadership:

  1. supporting – support – great support, low directivity.
  2. Coaching – Exercise – High Support, High Directivity
  3. Directing – Low support, high directivity
  4. Delegation – Delegation with low support, low directivity.

Who will the leader use depend on the specific situation? For example, when team members are not aware of something but want to learn the leader uses support, the team needs help and low directivity. (Zhang, 2018).

Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang’s Top Six Leadership Tips

Since becoming Alibaba’s CEO in May 2015, Daniel Zhang is shown himself as a great leader. Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba Group , a Chinese giant , has announced his retirement on September 10, 2019. The successor was named Daniel Chan, who set up a shopping event called Singles’ Day, which sold tens of billions of dollars. Who is this man who will lead Asia’s largest e-commerce (EC) company? The appearance is truly a masterpiece. Any book that introduces the history of corporate entertainment will undoubtedly occupy a few pages. However, it is only another year to see such a president. Ma retired on September 10, 2019, revealing that he will leave the long- trained companion to steer the Alibaba group.

The charismatic leadership of Daniel Zhang:

Daniel Zhang is sociologist Max Weber first discussed a charismatic leadership. The main features of a charismatic leader are:

Vision and pronunciation.

It has an image expressed in an idealized purpose – that represents a better future than the present and can make the meaning of that vision clear to others.

Personal Risk

He wants to accomplish his own risk, paying high fees, self-sacrifice for the purpose.

Responding to Supporters’ Needs

It recognizes the abilities of others and responds to their needs and feelings.

Nonstandard behavior

It reveals behaviors that are nonstandard and contrary to the norms.


Daniel Zhang CEO Alibaba Leader’s Basic Qualities

Personality and Characteristic

A discussion of leadership must begin with a story of ability and competition, but it must end with a story of a person’s personality and integrity. If a leader does not have the right personality and character, he will never be trusted by members. Without trust and respect, a desirable influence cannot be exercised. To be a leader, therefore, is to wipe out character and character continually.

Emotional intelligence

Birds cannot fly unless they use both wings. In leadership, both sides are intellectual and emotional intelligence. To induce the commitment and immersion of members, leaders must understand and accept the various values ​​and perspectives of their members, as well as form close relationships with them. In other words, emotional leadership based on rich emotional intelligence should be available. (Zaccaro, Dubrow & Kolze, 2018).


There is nothing great done in the history of humanity without passion.  Daniel Zhang works together with his employees. He has a passion and confidence that rises like lava and transmits that passion, determination, positive thinking and positive attitudes throughout the organization.

Change and innovation

Individuals and organizations that do not change are destroyed, and only organizations that lead and enjoy change can survive. It is the unavoidable responsibility and role of leaders to ensure that the entire organization is proactively involved in change and innovation, making it a competitive organization


Leaders achieve their goals through members rather than themselves. The success and failure of an organization depend on how well it draws the talents and passions of its people. Thus, the ability to motivate voluntary commitment and commitment to achieving a goal is one of the skills leader’s must-have.

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos

Amazon’s founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is estimated to have around $ 140 billion in net worth and is the richest man in the world. Thanks to his eCommerce Zug Nut, an entrepreneur will scrape too much cash and the average person will have a hard time understanding his wealth. As an example of bite-size, Business Insider calculated that Bezos earned about $ 149,353 per minute in very rough and rough terms only in 2018.

Situational leadership

Jeff Bezos is a situational leader. Created by Fred Fidler, a situational model of leadership, he thinks the success of a group depends on how well the leader interacts with employees to achieve control. He created a leader-style (task-oriented; employee-oriented) questionnaire that included 16 adjectives and their anomalies (pleasant-unpleasant, effective-ineffective ). The respondent identified himself or herself as someone else. respondents were asked to remember the people with whom they had to work and evaluate 1 to 8 points, if the respondent would have the most positive assessment of the people, work with which the least wanted, he was interested in the personal relations, but the respondents, which sheep shead best employee of an adverse interest. (Solanki, 2019).

Performance Creation

The essence of leadership depends on its performance. Leadership is not useful or desirable in itself. Only when tangible results are generated can leadership be appropriately exercised. Ability to make decisions based on intuition and insight to drive performance. Must have various soft skills such as teamwork building ability and communication ability. (Spencer-Oatey, 2020).

 Situational Leadership

A high performing leader does not insist on one type of leadership style like Jeff Bezos but rather uses a combination of multiple techniques for different situations. Applying a leadership style that suits the situation, such as the quality and ability of employees, and the urgency of work can produce excellent results in a rapidly changing environment. (Hastings–Netflix, 2018).

 Vision of Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is a person who sells hope. Every successful leader has a clear vision to lead his or her organization without exception. Leaders play a role of presenting dreams and desires, or visions, about the future of the organization.  They are sharing them with the members of the organization, bringing together employees’ capabilities in one direction and generating great results.


In an increasingly complex environment, leaders cannot do everything on their own. Effective leaders identify empowered people, empower them to perform their jobs, and transfer empowerment to expand their scope of responsibility. They are empowering them to empower themselves and show their full potential and creativity to create the best results. He is the right person.

Conclusion of the Discussion:

The leader has a lot of people around you and naturally motivates and inspires colleagues. Samuels said, “A leader has a dynamic personality that attracts people and motivates them to get closer to others. It is true for both introverts and extroverts. “Leading leaders make their nature stand out in the process.” Emotional Index According to Samuels, with a dynamic personality, leaders are valuable in the business environment. It’s about empathy and understanding. “It’s more important than any other personal skill to understand the emotions that lead people around you and manage the best way to reach your final goal.

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