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Rahu Gandhi Sparks on willful defaulters in Loc Sabha

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi said after asking the government the names of the willful defaulters in the Lok Sabha that he got a long speech rather than names. Rahul Gandhi had asked in Parliament that the government should name the top-50 bank defaulters.


Talking to reporters in the Parliament complex, Rahul Gandhi said, “I asked a simple question, what is the name of the willful defaulters but I could not find his name, got a long speech.”

The Congress leader said, ‘Speaker Parliament has not given me the parliamentary right to ask secondary questions. It hurt me a lot, it is an injury to my right as an MP.

The government retaliated on Rahul Gandhi’s question in Parliament. Minister of State for Finance Anurag Thakur said that a list of such people (will-full defaulters) is present on the website. There is nothing to hide in it.


He said, ‘Money was taken during his government. Some people want to bear the sins committed by others. The question asked by a senior member of the House shows his lack of understanding about the subject.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said in the House that the Prime Minister says that I will bring back those who have stolen from the banks. So I have asked the Prime Minister’s government the names of 50 such people, but there is no response.


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