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Reasons Behind the Postponement of HBL PSL Remaining Matches

Wasim Khan chief executive officer  of Pakistan Cricket Board clarifies that the reason behind the Postponement of HBL PSL was Corona Virus, As the reports of a foreign player were positive. That Is why it is decided to Postpone the tournament.

Waseem Khan informed the media and nation during a press confrence at Lahore thaat as everyone knows that Corona is affecting the whole world and when we have to decide the safety of our players than cricket is a very small thing and our priority is the safety of our players. We tried our best and took every measure to complete the PSL and protect all the people associated with it. We also provide the opportunity to all the foreign players that if they want to go back they can, and if they want to play they also can play.Our all five teams were ready and the franchise did not show any reservations at the decision of PCB.

Wasim Khan says that one of our guest foreign players has the symptoms of Corona and PCB will not reveal the secret of our guest players.He also said that things will improve if there is competition after negotiations with the franchisees.



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