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Review of the Movie English Vinglish

Review of the Movie English Vinglish

Communication is the one of basic needs of human beings. Everyone in the world uses language or a communication system to convey messages. Even the animals convey their messages with a particular system of voices or noises. However, it is the human quality that he uses a well mannered and most sophisticated system of communication that is called language. All human beings use language but some people are considered more sophisticated and well mannered due to their clean and polished language, while others are deemed uncivilized and ordinary masses. In the Review of the movie English Vinglish, we will try to evaluate different sociolinguistic and socio-cultural factors that make someone superior while others are considered inferior.

This (Review of the Movie English Vinglish) movie describes the theme of language, love, and culture, as well as a state of mind within the same class of the people. Although there is no representation of the two different classes in the movie. Here is the state of mind that how ‘Sapna’ a young girl considers her father superior due to his sophisticated and polished English. In contrast, the same girl deems her mother inferior and even insults her while communicating. She laughs at her mother due to her mispronunciation of the word as she says about her dance classes, “Jazz Dance.” According to the linguistics perspective, no language is superior or inferior, but when we observe the phenomenon of language from the worldly perspective, we find various distinctions at different levels. Here some languages are considered superior while other inferior.

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We find the girl’s rude behavior for her mother when she needs her parents to come with her on her “PTM” meeting at school. Here she ignores the essence of the relations that how her mother works hard for the family, but she only needs the charm and sophistication of the English language. She only wants to present her father as a showpiece of English Language sophistication while she considers the company of her mother in school as a shame. Even the girl says, “I will say in the school that my mother is sick while the father has some official responsibilities, that’s why her parents are not able to attend the PTM meeting.”

english vinglish
Daughter rude behavior

Husband(Satish) and the daughter (Sapna) of the “Shashi” do not give her respect. Moreover, due to the level of her communication and “LADO MAKING” business, they often insult her. Even she has a strong affection and love for her family, but her husband and daughter’s behavior shows her that she is alien in his own family. Although she is working as a successful “LADO MAKING” entrepreneur, and her article has demand in the community and market. However, she has not, the respect and honor in the family. She always feels restrictions from her husband for his enterprise. On the one end, her husband wants to make her a traditional housewife and maintain his Machismo. On the other hand, he wants her a sophisticated and well-mannered lady.

As time goes and they need to go to “NEWYORK” for the wedding. Even at this time, the husband is very conscious of his children’s education and learning, and even he can not allow ‘SHASHI’ to bring her son with her for her journey. Even when son shows his willingness to go to ‘NEWYORK’ then his father says ” MAMA K SATH JAO, SCHOOL SE NIKAL DIY JAO GY, PHIR LADOO BNANA.’ This type of attitude describes the strangeness of the people’s behavior that, at the one end, we do not allow someone to learn and work, and on the other end, we desire from that person to meet our requirements.

She enters the airport with her luggage and she also has some eatables that are not allowed for air travel. Furthermore, even she demands the “WINDOW SEAT” when here documentation is going to be processed. It also shows that it is the atmosphere and our company that leads us to learn. Until we have not a particular environment and company, we can not get the essence of learning that we want. It also shows that our learning and confidence come when someone encourages and appreciates us. She was a dumb and dull lady in the learning of English at her home because she has always discouraging behavior from her husband and daughter.

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Analysis and Review of the Movie English Vinglish also describes as she reaches the NEWYORK, she gets the opportunity to polish her language skills. Here she also has a little appreciation and encouragement from her niece as well as from her fellows. Because all these guys have an inferiority complex and need to get excellence and get rid of the outrageous behavior of the people. They try to achieve their goal and finally get the desired result. Even the persons who have not the courage and confidence to say their name has become excellent speakers of the English Language. Though they have faced many hurdles in the learning process, they get their desired result. It shows we must need to stick our goals and work hard; then, none can stop us to achieve our goals.

In the words of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah;

“Think a hundred times before you make a decision, but once that decision is taken, stand by it as one man.”

english vinglis
Facing hurdles but stick to her decision for achieving goals


These guys have strong will-power and, at last, learn the English language. In this process, they get motivation from each other as well as from Mr. Dawood, their instructor. So this is the confidence and encouragement that opens the door of success for learners. The themes of love, respect, and beauty are also present in the movie. Like a Woman, mother, and a member of the society, ‘SHASHI’ has strong will-power and powerful affection for her family. She loves very much to her children and husband and she also needs love with respect. Even she says. “She needs not love, but respect”. She also shows her responsibility as a mother and wife when she knows one of his fellows has affection for her. It is her compromise as well as her love for her family even she has not to get any respect and honor from the family, but she ignores the affection of her fellow.

In the end, it can be said that it is respect, love, and encouragement that help us to learn and achieve our goals. It is the encouragement that helps us to be confident. Love and respect make us more powerful, and we show excellent results regarding our goals. It is the responsibility of the learned and mannered members of the society to give respect, love, and encouragement to the people who are in the learning process. None is perfect in this world. Everyone makes errors and mistakes in their learning, as they practice more and more, they achieve their set goals and target.

english vinglish
She gets respect and honor from the family at the end

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The movie’s basic idea goes around the learning and superiority of the English Language as well as how people worship the English Language like gods. Even they ignore their relations and affection in the craze of the English language. This element also describes the importance of the English language in the modern world as an international language. So it is the language and the right use of the words that make someone superior while another inferior in society. People who speak English fluently, have prestige and respect in the society and are behaved in an honorable way. so the Review of the Movie English Vinglish describes every important aspect of life discussed in the movie.

Written & Reviewed by; Muhammad Asad Kasra,


M.Phil Scholar, Riphah Institute of Language and Literature, Riphah International University Lahore, Pakistan.



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