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Smart Blood Cells Prepared in Labs

Technology is touching to new highest at McMaster University in Canada have Scientists have developed a technology that allows blood cells to be filled into cells, then injected into the human body and they find their own way. Will reach their target and open the drug inside. As per experts views regarding Health technologies these smart blood cells’ site effect will be minimal.


Blood cells can be helpful in this regard, because of their structure and flexibility, every organ of the body reaches easily. In a way that certain organisms are able to cling to tissues, tissues or microbes.

In addition.

on, they were also able to extract their internal material, instead of filling them with drug molecules and then closing their membranes again and becoming like other healthy cells. will go.


Thus, the “armed” cells from a drug will not only be able to continue their journey into the human body, but also face resistance from the body’s natural defense system immune system. Will not


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