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Worldwide Corona Updates

Number of Casualties reach to 7,000 worldwide. While there are approximately there are 0.2 million affected people from the novel virus. 70,000 people have recovered from the Novel Diseases.

Now the victim of Novel Virus have been exceeds from the China. National Health Commission of China claims that there are 80 thousand 860 Corona virus victims in the Country as of Monday. But according to Johns Hopkins University, the number has exceeded 87 thousand.


Total death casualties are 3208 in China while in the world, the number has increased compared to China.

When we talk about the victim of Corona Virus in Europe and Italy. Italy and Spain are most affected nations from the Corona Virus in Europe. In the Spain there are 1000 cases have been reported in last 24 hours while in Italy the  victims of Virus in last twenty four hours are three thousand. Death toll caused by the Corona reaches to 349 and total affected people by the virus are 28,000.


Total deaths by the novel viral reach to 297 and the number of victims is 8,774 in Spain.


According to the British news agency Iran has become the third most affected country by the Corona virus in terms of statistics. There are 853 new cases identified after 129 deaths in Corona in 24 hours, while the total number of victims are 14,991 by the Virus.

United States

There are 74 people have been died by the Corona Virus while the affected people by the virus have been reached to 3700 as per the reports of United States Media.

In most of the American States emergency is implemented by the National Health Service.New Jersey State administration has imposed curfew over midnight.

Emergency in Switzerland, France and Russia Close the Borders

Many countries are also going to take some more steps to curb the Corona Virus. France is going to close its borders by Tuesday while Russia is also going to take the same step from Wednesday.Many other countries in Europe as Portugal and Spain have suspended flight operations and train services and also closed their borders.

Most of the Countries in the World have suspended train services to other countries. They Banned on the entry of foreigners and the new Jersey administration also imposed curfew.

The entry of foreigners between Monday and Tuesday in the Hungarian Teritory is Banned by the Hungry.

State of emergency is declared in the Switzerland due to the Corona virus.

The Borders of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon have already been closed. Saudi Arabia and Other Gulf Countries has banned the arrival of travelers from various countries with a 14-day ban. All employees have been forced to home and work from their homes.

Paris, Dubai, Los Angeles and other cities and countries have banned public gatherings, cinemas, restaurants and educational institutions.

These all Emergency measures have been taken to prevent Corona globally. Germany and the UK have also imposed restriction on public gathering and activities. Opposite to the world major political rallies are taking place in Mexico and Brazil. While educational institutions are yet opened in the UK.

India is also taking Serious steps against corona Virus. Administration has closed all public places including Taj Mahal as well as Cinema Hall and Entertainment places.


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