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  5. Data available here can not be used as proof for court.
  6. Commenting regarding adult content is not allowed at todaynewsasia.com. If someone does this, todaynewsasia.com reserves the right to file a case as per cybercrime and unethical data usage and violations of its terms and conditions.
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  8. todaynewsasia.com, some times shares the information regarding visitors to its partners, who are working with it in collaboration as advertisers, etc.
  9. Advertisers as Google Adsense and other companies may evaluate the visitors’ engagement at todaynewsasia.com. But this is only for the users’ visit on the website and advertisement. These advertisers do not use the personal information of the users. So the visitor’s data is safe from any illegal, unethical, or immoral usage. 
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  11. todaynewsasia.com reserves the right to explain this information as per its requirements or may change terms and conditions as per its business perspective. 

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