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The Power of Discomfort

Hard work bears fruit

Most of the humans fail to latch onto the power of discomfort and by power, I mean, the ability to affect change.

Everyone fancies comfort zone as it gives a feeling of control in the moment but discomfort helps in personal development in the long-run. It allows you to grow and reach your full potential.

Everyone wishes a perfect life for themselves. Although the picture of ‘perfect life’ might slightly vary individually, it will almost certainly incorporate the thought of feeling comfortable on one hand and ironically, on the other, craving persistent growth or in other words, being distinct, achieving excellence in life but little do we realize that what makes you comfortable can ruin you and only in a state of discomfort can you continually grow.

How comfort can stop growth:

The comfort zone you build for yourself can lead to self-absorption, stagnation and boredom. When you are comfortable, time and life just slips by, the situations that would have made your heart race or tested your persistence becomes somewhat forgotten. Calvin Coolidge says, “all growth depends upon activity. There is no development, physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work”

Ask yourself, when was the last time you felt most alive? When you felt that you achieved yourself?

Was it when you were watching television for hours at home, when you were playing video games, when you spent the day as you do almost everyday or was it when you were able to bear the last few brutal steps at the gym, When you took a seemingly insurmountable challenge and ended up overcoming it?

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, psychologist and author of “better than perfect” says, “breaking your own mold can only make you stronger and more confident to reach higher levels in your professional and personal life”

Without going through the feeling of discomfort, you cannot experience new things. You are restricting yourself to stay in the zone you’ve created for yourself which will ultimately stop your personal growth and this causes one to settle for mediocrity.

Make peace with discomfort:

In order to grasp the power of discomfort, one must first change their perception and their approach towards things. You have to accept the fact that the only way to succeed would be to go through the discomfort zone. Stop avoiding it!. Keep your focus on the positives and think in the long-run, that is what will keep you motivated.

For example,

You decide to quit smoking for the sake of your health, a wise decision but you’ll have to restrain your tempt every single day in order to achieve it. In such a situation, keep your focus on the long-term outcomes. You’ll have to face discomfort every hour on the hour but your persistence will eventually lead to success, which means now you can live a healthy life and besides achieving this primary goal, your mental strength also strengthened as you were able to stay committed and that is why, it is believed that discomfort leads to personal growth because when you are in the process, you are evolving, you are training yourself and particularly your mental strength not only for predicament you are currently facing but for all the upcoming challenges of life that you might have to deal with.

Importance of taking action at the right time:

Time passes by anyway, whether you utilize it or not but it is in your hands whether you just keep whining about the situation or realize your  true potential and take action.

You will most certainly regret wasting it or just not believing in yourself when you had time and all you were required to do was to put in a pinch of self-confidence, a little enthusiasm and table full of action. You’ll realize later if not in the moment that if you had decided to go thought discomfort, you would have today, succeeded.

On the other hand, if you live by the power of discomfort, later in time when you’ll look back at yourself and how you succeeded yourself, you’ll feel nothing but overwhelmed or it would be more accurate to say, self-satisfied.

You have to learn to embrace discomfort because it’s the only environment where sustained or potential growth can occur. Wherein lies the power to embrace discomfort, lies the same power that you need to attack any stressor in the world

Dr. Serene Jones says, “the constant façade of order hides the wilderness that is craving to week out and teach us that life wasn’t created to be what we think it is

…we must experience the wilderness to be taught what cannot be otherwise known”


written by: Anam Basit,


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