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They pose everything not feel it

They pose everything, not feel it

In the next few minutes, this article will let you explore some bitter but factual truths that are being very commonly practiced in our society these days. Let’s put the spotlight on the topic, they lose everything, not feel it. So, does anything come in your mind when you hear this phrase? Okay! I’m here to give a brief description of this phrase. Here we will discuss how They pose everything, not feel it.

Jess C. Scott once said,

“What’s the whole point of being pretty on the outside when you’re so ugly on the inside.”

It’s a very common tendency of human of pretending actions which they don’t want to. These are the people who do pretend to care about a cause, a person or organization, and even a subject. Why? Why they do so? They probably have alternative motives only known to them, sometimes these motives are innocent and sometimes don’t. So I would like to categorize the phrase into two natures, one is optimistic and the other is pessimistic.

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My dear viewers, I request you to be attentive and let my words penetrate your existing intelligence.

If I get hold of it optimistically, people used to pretend to care about but actually, they don’t because they do not want to hurt the next person. For instance, when our siblings or some relatives offer us their services, options, or decisions, however, we don’t like it but still being in respect, in love, we don’t usually refuse them just for the sake of their happiness. In this case, you just can’t change the setup of other’s minds, only you can do is to manipulate the situation to make it a favorable situation for you and that only you know what is good for you and how to do it!

they feel everything but not feel it
Optimistic feeling

On the other hand, I bring the pessimistic nature in the limelight. Sometimes they want to exploit the system or person they are posing to care about and there could be all sorts of reasons, but all would involve their ego. These people could be your friends, partners, colleagues, and relatives, etc but all would be a fake one. It is our responsibility to differentiate between the sincere one and the fake one.

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Now I will give a brief detail about the traits that are commonly found in fake friends.

They don’t support your vision of life and always try to put you down.

They don’t man up and apologize when they are wrong (they put their pride over the friendship or the relationship you have).

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They talk about other people behind their backs (if they gossip about your other friends when they are not around, they gossip about you with them when you are not around).

They take more than they give and ask for help, but never offer it.

They never clap when you win, never stand up for you as a strong back.

They ridicule you in front of others to make themselves better.

they pose everything but not feel it
Fake Friend

You are friends because you have a similar objective, not a similar mindset Because they need you for something.

It could be as simple as help on a school project. A guy will pretend to care about you just so you could offer your notes, for example.

Or a woman befriends you because you’re a personal trainer, and thus could help her get in shape. She couldn’t care less about the real you but cares a lot about the ‘personal trainer’ you.

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They would leave you behind if something better comes along

They are tempting you towards bad habits.

They spill your secrets

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Other times, people lie to themselves. In a relationship, for example, a partner may lie to you about their feelings because they’re afraid of being alone

If a relative pretends to care, it could mean that he/she wants you in their life because it settles it.

I have learned that more often than not, most people, for whatever reason put up a false front. They appear to be nice at first. You think to yourself: “This person seems like a good and loyal person.”

Though time usually shows that people are different than when you first met them. They are inconsistent in their niceness, and their reliability wanes.

To me, this shows ignorance, immaturity, and disrespect.

So be careful. Sometimes you are thrown into situations or on teams you don’t care about. This happens to all us all – none of us have complete control over or circumstances.

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Present your vulnerability to very few trustees, everyone does not worth your trust.

As a conclusion:

Genuine Loyalty and Genuine Respect are rare in this World.

That’s why I choose to keep my circle small and suggest you do so as well.

“You may be married to a star, but that doesn’t mean they’ll treat you like one.”




Najia Ejaz.

Written by: Najia Ejaz
Email: jiyach114@gmail.com


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