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Top 10 Commonly used Medicines in Pakistan

Top 10 Commonly used Medicines in Pakistan

Some medicine is over the counter (used without a prescription) that have a high therapeutic index. These medicines can be used because they have low risk. Others are prescribed medication that has high risk and can’t be used without consultation of a physician. In Pakistan, some medicines are most commonly used that include both over the counter (OTC) and prescription medicines. Here we discuss the Top 10 Commonly used Medicines in Pakistan.

These medicines include analgesic, anti-infective, multivitamins, gastrointestinal (GI) drug, and anti-allergic medicine. Mostly all analgesics are most commonly used, but paracetamol, aspirin, diclofenac, and ibuprofen are widely used in Pakistan. The physicians use anti-infective and GI medicines, frequently for prophylactic treatment. Anti-infective antibiotics such as ceftriaxone, metronidazole, and ciprofloxacin are most commonly used in Pakistan. Multivitamin is used as self-medication, and doctors also prescribed for the improvement of health. Omeprazole (GI drug) are widely used for prophylactic ulcer in hospitals. Anti-allergic medicines include cetirizine that is used as OTC medicine.

Top 10 Commonly Used Medicines In Pakistan
The Basic formula of Paracetamol

Paracetamol (Acetaminophen)

Paracetamol is most commonly used in Pakistan as a pain killer and for fever. It is at top 1 position in Top 10 Commonly used Medicines in Pakistan. It is available as single-ingredient as well as multiple ingredients.

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Therapeutic Class:
Paracetamol belongs to the antipyretic and nonnarcotic analgesic class.
Uses Of Paracetamol:

Analgesic for moderate pain and as antipyretic.

Dosage Form of Paracetamol:

Paracetamol is available in Injection, infusion drops, syrup, suspension, liquid, elixir, tablets, capsule, powder, sachet, and suppositories.

Brands Name Of Paracetamol In Pakistan:

Acepol , Advil, Anamo l, Axamol, Calpol Peads, Calpol 6 Plus, Citalix, Detamol, Disprol, Estadol, Febrinol, Febrol, Ipramol, Nendol, Panadol, Panafin, Paracetamol, Pyrol, Rascodol, Saptamol,  Tanamol, Tempol, Tempol 6 Plus, Tylol, Zancpal are the brand names of paracetamol.

Pharmaceutical Company Of Paracetamol  In Pakistan:

Pharmaceutical companies for paracetamol include; Hassan, Alina Combine, Harmann/Shoriz, P.D.H, Glaxosmithkline, MKB Pharma, Farmaceutics,  Polyfine,  Care Pharma, Surge Laboratories, Icon Pharma, Fozan Pharma, Geofman Pharma, Heal Pharma, Ipram International, Wahab Sons, Larrance,  Lowitt Pharma, Lahore Pharma, Mega Pharma,  Nenza, Bexpharma, Fynk Pharma, KPL, Jafson, Medipak, Efroze Chemical, Pharmadic Laboratories,Unipharma, Miracle Pharma, Wilson’s, Medicure/Pharmazia, Stanely, Prime Laboratories, Sami Pharma, Pulse Pharma, Donvalley, Valor and Macquin’s Intermational.

Side Effects of Paracetamol:
Side effects of paracetamol include hemolytic anemia, leukopenia, neutropenia, pancytopenia, and thrombocytopenia.


Top 10 Commonly Used Medicines In Pakistan
Molecule combination of Aspirin Acetylsalicylic Acid

Aspirin:( Acetylsalicylic Acid)

Aspirin is salicylate derivatives, most commonly used as a pain killer. it is most widely used among the Top 10 Commonly used Medicines in Pakistan.

Therapeutic Class Aspirin ( Acetylsalicylic Acid):
The therapeutic class of aspirin is antipyretic, antiinflammatory, nonnarcotic analgesic, and antiplatelet.
Clinical Uses of Aspirin ( Acetylsalicylic Acid):

Aspirin is used as Analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, inhibition of platelet aggregation, cancer of the colon, and for pre-eclampsia.

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The dosage form of aspirin:
Aspirin is available in tablet form.
Brands of aspirin in Pakistan:

Brand name of aspirin are; Anaprin, Angipro, Apiscot, Asa, Ascard, Askprin, Aspisafe, Aspirin, Aspisafe, Aspiwan, Baby Aspirin, Cv-75, Cv-150, Deerin, Dinin, Dispirin-Cv, Doliprin, Erocid, Fuprin, Kaprin, Loprin, Mas-Prin, Mini Prin, Myprin, Orsprin, Panarin, Recard, Rescard, Rosprin, Saleto, Sol-Prin, Vin, Zipper.

Pharmaceutical company of aspirin in Pakistan:
Pharmaceutical company for aspirin are Opal, Unimark, Scotmann, Donvalley, Atco, Askari, Zafa, Ardin, Gaba, Geoofman, Ideal, Irza, Jawa, KPL, Unexo, Xenon, Munawar, Pliva, Nawan, Wilson’s, Delux, Fynk, Reckitt And Benckiser, Pacific, Eros, Farmaceutics, Highnoon Laboratories, Mass Pharma, Bloom Pharma, Semos, Orta, Flow, Regent, Rasco, Ferroza, Pharmawise, Saydon and Axis.

Top 10 Commonly Used Medicines In Pakistan
Ibuprofen a commonly used drug in Pakistan

Ibuprofen is propionic acid derivatives and widely used in young children.
Therapeutic Class: NSAID, antipyretic, nonnarcotic analgesic.

Dosage Form Ibuprofen:
Ibuprofen is available in tablets, suspension, and syrup.
Uses Of Ibuprofen:
Ibuprofen use in rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, primary dysmenorrhea gout, pain, fever, prevention of cognitive decline, colon cancer, cystic fibrosis, headache, migraine, pain in children, seronegative arthropathies and cervical spondylosis.
Brands Of Ibuprofen In Pakistan:
Biofen, Brufen, Bravofen, Carufen, Dorafen, Eprofen, Hizofen, Ibofen, Ibufin, Ibuprofen, Ibupros,  Iodofen,Markophene, Medigesic, Magafen, Neuprofen,Mufen, Nenfen, Ottofen,Pabrofen, Pyrofen, Ruberin, , Saprofen, Semorfen, Synofen, Tagafin, Tasofen, True-Fen, Uniprofen, Unifen, Werridal, Wefen, Wilfen, Xiben, Zefrin, Zefen, Zintafen.
Pharmaceutical Companies For Ibuprofen In Pakistan:
Vision Pharma, Alson, Prime Pharma, Pharmapak/ Medisearch, Standpharma, Abbott Laboratories, Mega Pharma, MBL, Helix Pharma, Medicaid, Medley, Miracle, Pulse Pharma, Gray’s, Star Laboratories, Wilson’, P. D.H, Shifa, Uni Pharma, Polyfine, Macter International, Medicraft Meditech Pharma, Macquin’s Intermational, Nenza, Eros, Drugpharm, Efroze Chemical, Global Pharma,Wahab Sons, Mass Pharma, Unison.


Top 10 Commonly used medicines in Pakistan
Diclofenac-Sodium is a widely used drug in Pakistan

Diclofenac Sodium:

Therapeutic Class:
Diclofenac is a nonnarcotic analgesic, NSAID, and antipyretic. Therapeutic Class is at number 3 in Top 10 Commonly Used Medicines In Pakistan

Dosage Form of Diclofenac-Sodium:
Diclofenac is available in tablets, injection, and capsule form.
Uses Of Diclofenac:
It is used for the prevention of colon cancer, fever, gouty arthritis, headache, myalgia, osteoarthritis, pain mild to moderate and acute attack of gout.
Brand Name Of Diclofenac:
Alfafenac, Artifen, Artinil-K, Diclolac, Diclofenac Sodium, Defina, Dejafin,  , Diclok, Dic-50, Diclogesic, Diclomark, Dicloran, Diclofenac, Dicofen, Diroxin, Dyclo, Macdafin, Macdicol, Magnofenac, Megafenac, Neurofenac, Puldol, Rakafen, Sharp, Sofac, Sofren, Sondic,Tylofenac, Shaltaren, Teknofenac, Ufenac, Volnac, Volfenac, Volfen, Volite, Volmax, Voltadex, Voltagesic, Voltex, Voltral, Voren, Ziclofen.
Pharmaceutical Company For Diclofenac Sodium:
Albro Pharma, Pharmapak, Akson, Rasco Pharma, Brookes Pharma, Medley, Abbott Laboratories, Global Pharma, Davis Pharma,Wise Pharma,Uni-Tiech Pharma, Gray’s, Medicraft, Fozan Pharma,Wilson’s, Pulse Pharma, Star Laboratories, Bloom Pharma, Medicaids, Indus Pharma, Mega Pharma, Standpharma, Medipak, Aries, Elite, Bio Pharma,  Asian Continental, Fynk Pharma, Lawrance.

Top 10 Commonly used drugs in Pakistan
Ceftriaxone is among the most widely used injection in Pakistan

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Ceftrioxon Injections:

Therapeutic Class:
Ceftriaxon is used as an antibiotic.
Dosage Form of Ceftrioxon:
Available in injection and infusion form.
Uses Of Ceftrioxon:
Use in infection of the lower respiratory tract, urinary tract, skin, bone, joint, intra-abdominal infections.
Brands name of ceftriaxone:
Carazone, Cefafin, Ceftrazone, Ceftrax, Fastrixone,Injectacef, Oraxone, Ortazon, Taxfro, Taxocyn, Titan, Triject, Trizon,Trophin,Ventraxin, Vetrox, Vitrox, Zocef.
Pharmaceutical Companies For Ceftriaxone:
Vision Pharma/Global Pharma, Aries, Nims/Bonn, Pharmedic Laboratories, Polyfine, Pharmatec, Getz Pharma, Pharma-Health, Macquin’s International, Indus Pharma, Merck (Pvt) Limited, Stand Pharma.

Top 10 Commonly Used medicines in Pakistan
Metronidazole is a widely used drug in Pakistan

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Therapeutic Class:

It is used as an antibiotic, anthelmintic, and antiprotozoal.

Dosage Form:

Available in infusion, injection, suspension, and tablets.
Uses Of Metronidazole:
Metronidazole is Used in Amoebiasis, trichomonas vaginitis, acute ulcerative gingivitis, dental infections, anaerobic vaginosis, and treatment of infection caused by anaerobic microorganism.
Brands Name Of Metronidazole:
Amezole, Amogyl, Anaerobe, Fedragyl, Flagynase, Flezole, Flagyl, Metazole, Metrogyl, Metronidazole, Zogyl.
Pharmaceutical Companies For Metronidazole:
Ferozsons, Global Pharma, MKB Pharma, Aries, Lowitt Pharma, Fynk Pharma, Medley, Venus, Synchro, Arin, Star Laboratories, Meisearch, Geofman Pharma, Standpharm, Akson, Macquin’s International.
Side Effects of Metronidazole:
Nausea, headache, metallic taste, dry mouth, stomatitis, urticarial are a common side effect.

Top 10 commonly used drugs in Pakistan
Ciprofloxacin widely used tablets in Pakistan

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Ciprofloxacin is a fluoroquinolone derivative and is commonly prescribed to the patient.

Therapeutic Class:

Therapeutically fluoroquinolone is an antibiotic.
Dosage Form:
Tablets, capsules, suspension, injection, infusion are common dosage forms of ciprofloxacin.
Brands Name:
Anacin, Axcin, Bacteronil, Caralox, Cinoflox, Ciprocin, Ciprofloxacin, Ciprogat, Ciprogen, Ciprol, Ciproxin, C-Oxacin, Florocin, Paraflox, Xeoxin, Zacin.
Pharmaceutical Companies:
 Albro , Medicaid, Karachi Chemical (KCL), Syntex, MKB Pharma, Royal Pharma, Medicraft, Glaxosmithkline, Aries, Macquin’s, Polyfine, Mass Pharma, Ferozsons Laboratories, Mega Pharma,Unison Chemical, Bryon Pharam.
Uses Of Ciprofloxacin:
Used in infection of the lower respiratory tract, skin and skin structure, bone and joints, urinary tract, external auditory canal, typhoid fever, intra-abdominal infection, and infectious diarrhea.
Side Effect:
Chills, depression, dizziness, fatigue, fever, constioation, photosensitivity, pruritus, rash, urticarial are common side effect.

Most widely used medicines in Pakistan
Men Health formula

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Brands Names:

Anglovit, Codli-AD, Fertin, Geriplex Super, Grovit, Juvel, Mavron Fort, Multibionta, Multivitamin, Multitne, Nutrition -12, Pexvit, Polyvit, Pregnaplus, Remomultivitamin, Reviton, Starvit, Superr-7, Tinchu-Vit, Unicap, Vi Star, Vitanol, Vitone.
Pharmaceutical Companies:
Anglo Pak, Zafa, Paramount, Macquin’s International, W. Woodward, Donvalley, Polyfine, Merk (Pvt) Limited, Lisko, Shifa, Nawabsons, Werrick Pharma, KPL, Synchro Pharma, Prism, Syntex, Glaxosmithkline, Werrick Pharma, Martindale, Johnson, Star Laboratories, Harmann,Remington.

Dosage Form:
available in tablets, injection, infusion, syrup, capsule, sachet,
Use in iron deficiency anemia, before conception, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Top 10 Commonly used Medicines in Pakistan
Omeprazole is a widely used dosage in Pakistan

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Omeprazole :

Omeprazole is benzimidazole derivatives and commonly used for prophylactic ulcers in hospitals. Among the Top 10 Commonly used Medicine in Pakistan Omeprazole is also prescribed by the physicians.
Therapeutic Class:
Used as an antiulcer agent and gastrointestinal anti-secretory agent.
Brands Name:
Alpazol, Amgozole, Anmol, Anzo, Azitrix, Fymezole, Losec, Medizole, Meprazol, Omega, Omepral, Omezol,Omeprazen, Oprazaole, Omeprazen, Risek.
Pharmaceutical Company For Omeprazole:
Medicaids, Scotmann, Indus Pharma, Standpharma, Wilson’s, Gray’s, Unipharma, Medicraft, Nenza, Ferozsons, Nawbsons, Paramount, Stanley, Getz Pharma.
Dosage Form:
Mostly available in capsule, tablets, injection, and infusion.
Uses Of Omeprazole:
Used in active duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcers, erosive esophagitis, NSAID-induced ulcer, posterior laryngitis, and treatment of steatorrhea in cystic fibrosis patients.
Side Effects:
Dizziness, Headache, GI abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, cough, rash, and nausea are a side effect of omeprazole.

Top 10 widely used Medicines in Pakistan
Cetirizine is among the widely used medicine


Therapeutic Class:
Cetirizine includes in antihistamine class. it is also included in Top 10 Commonly used Medicine in Pakistan
Brand Names:
Aksozine, Alegra, Ciztazine, Alex, Cerigex, Cetrix, Gixir, Rigix, Tryzin, Vortec, Rigid.
Pharmaceutical Companies For Cetirizine:
AGP, Donvalley, Pharmedic Laboratories, Saffron, Akson,Tagma Pharma, Innvotek Pharma, Fedro, Barret &Hodgson.
Dosage Form:
Available in tablet, syrup, and oral solution form.
Symptomatic relief of allergy, such as hay fever, urticarial.
Side Effect:
Drowsiness, headache, dizziness, agitation, dry mouth, G.I upset.

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It is important to put medicine in a home for minor illnesses. But medicine should be used with care and must-read label for its proper use. Keep medicines in specific temperature and out of reach of children. If self-medication has a high therapeutic index and can use without the consultation of a doctor, but it still requires high concentration. It may cause a serious effect if misused. The overuse of antibiotics causes resistance, so it uses in a limited amount.
physician plays an important role in prescribing right medicine to the right patient. Pharmacists should take advice on the proper use of self-medication.


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