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Top 10 Interesting Facts About TB, Tuberculosis


TB is used for Tuberculosis in short. This disease is caused by a bacteria called “mycobacterium tuberculosis”. It is a severe infection that primarily attacks the lungs of the patient, but there can be an infection in other parts of the body. Here we are going to discuss Top 10 Interesting Facts About TB, Tuberculosis.

“World TB Day” is celebrated on 24 March; the purpose is to support awareness.

World tuberculosis day

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Here we discuss the top 10 interesting facts about TB that will help in understanding tuberculosis.

1)    Classic Image Of Tuberculosis:

Mycobacterium tuberculosis damage infected tissue cause chest pain and trigger the patient to cough blood. Bacteria also affect lungs that lead to oxygen deprivation; this undergoes hormonal changes, including loss of appetite and iron production. Microbes spread to the skeletal system causing back pain, to the intestines and kidneys causing abdominal pain, impaired consciousness and to the brain causing the headache. These symptoms produce a classic image of TB.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About TB, Tuberculosis
Symptoms of tuberculosis

Bloody cough, weight loss, ashen skin and hacking are common symptoms. Due to these symptoms tuberculosis obtain the title of the “white plague” in Victorian-era England. In this era, tuberculosis considered a romantic disease because it affects poets and poverty-stricken artists those with weakened immune systems. Tuberculosis’s outward symptoms even fuel the famous myth of vampirism. Because of these less than scientific concerns, this era noticed the first strides toward reliving of TB.

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2) Two Kinds Of Tuberculosis:

Two kinds of tuberculosis are latent tuberculosis infection and active tuberculosis disease.
Latent tuberculosis infection is not contagious and is essentially a dormant form of active tuberculosis disease. The TB cannot spread by sharing food or drink and shaking hands or by touching hard surfaces (like a doorknob or countertop). Latent tuberculosis has no symptoms and the infection not spread to other people.
Latent or sleeping tuberculosis are treated with antibiotics for either four months with two antibiotic regimens or for nine months with a single medicine as an outpatient.

Spread of bacteria

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Active tuberculosis is contagious, and dangerous must treated to avoid severe complication. Often someone will get latent tuberculosis infection before developing active tuberculosis disease. Sneeze or droplets of cough of active tuberculosis patient infect another person nearby. A person with active tuberculosis in their lungs have many symptoms including a prolonged bloody cough, weight loss, chest pain, fever and chills, fatigue (weakness), loss of appetite, and intense night sweats. Rapid diagnosis and treatment are essential; otherwise, TB can spread to the family and community, causing suffering and often death without quality treatment.

3) Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Is A Public Health Crisis:

Some bacteria cause resistant to drugs that used to fight tuberculosis this condition is called drug-resistant tuberculosis. Drug resistance tuberculosis requires new medicines that are often more toxic and expensive than traditional drugs. In 2018, about half a million cases found with resistance to the most effective first-line therapy of tuberculosis that is rifampicin. Drug resistance tuberculosis is a more severe form of the disease that can only treat with a course of second-line drugs. This treatment occurs in a long time up to 2 years and has more side effects. Luckily drug resistance TB is uncommon and usually only happen when treatment is delayed or inconsistent.

Drug resistance tuberculosis

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4) Tuberculosis Is Treatable And Curable:

Unlike most illness, tuberculosis can cure. In 1943, a graduate student named Albert Schatz was first to the discovered treatment of tuberculosis. Since usually a combination of different medications is used for six months to treat disease. Use of drugs generally based on elements of the individual case, including severity caused and whether or not the bacteria is resistant to the drug. The first-line medication of tuberculosis includes isoniazid, rifampicin, ethambutol and pyrazinamide. Drug-resistant tuberculosis requires long treatment with at least five medicine.

TB is treatable and curable

5) Tuberculosis Is Contagious:

Tuberculosis is air born and can affect anyone anywhere. Most often, the disease is spread through the air when patient sneeze, cough or speak. Germs can alive in the air for hours. So TB is spread by contact with the airborne droplets of the bacteria from an infected person. TB affects mainly lungs, but the spine, kidney and brain are also affected.

6) Tuberculosis Is More Common:

Top 10 Interesting Facts About TB, Tuberculosis
Tuberculosis is more common

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Tuberculosis is a top 10 infectious disease that causes death, one-third of the worldwide population will develop at least latent tuberculosis infection and more than 1e0% those infected will go on to develop active TB disease. Today, the condition is prevalent in 30 countries, frequently which face other health difficulties which exacerbate tuberculosis and manifest latent cases. Approaching treatment is demanding in many of these countries, and the stigma towards TB can discourage people from getting the help they need.

7) Life-Threatening:

Tuberculosis is life-threatening if not treated. Health providers often fail to notice disease and its diagnosis and treatment is challenging.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About TB, Tuberculosis
TB is life-threatening

8) HIV Significant Risk Factor:

Significant risk factor for developing tuberculosis is HIV. Thus tuberculosis is the leading cause of death for HIV patient. If death does not occur, complications are more likely, and some tuberculosis treatments are not suitable for use with HIV.

Smoking also dramatically increases likely hood of developing tuberculosis as TB most often infects the lungs. Anything that affects lungs function can lead to this condition. Other risk factors include drinking, diabetes and specific medications like steroids.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About TB, Tuberculosis
Public health crisis

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9) Vaccine Exists:

In 1882, the German physician Robert Koch established the bacterial source of the disease. After 13 years; physician Wilhelm Roentgen discovered the X-ray that able the physician to examine and find its progress through the body. These procedures permit researchers to make reliable and effective vaccines first for smallpox and again in 1921 when scientist developed the BCG vaccine to battle TB.

Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccine used for tuberculosis. 20% immunity occurred after being vaccinated for those who developed a latent infection. Later on, only 40% of the expected number went on to develop active tuberculosis.

10) Cough With Blood:

Top 10 Interesting Facts About TB, Tuberculosis
Cough with blood

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Coughing up blood is a common symptom of TB; it is as horrible as it sounds. Having a persistent bloody cough can tip-off that patient might be deal with tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a respiratory condition; it can cause issues in the airway or lungs that can cause blood to be present in the mucus, which can be dangerous if a bloody cough exists.


Health experts suggest that it is essential to develop better diagnostics, more effective vaccines, and faster-acting antibiotics. A urine test was developed that gives result in 12 hours, in addition, the researcher develops a new oral treatment that could minimize treatment time by 75 %. With progress like these, it is to be hoped that we will finally be able to make TB only a thing of the past.


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