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Top Five Tourist Destinations In Southeast Asia

Top Five Tourist Destinations in South East Asia

Southeast Asia is a subregion of Asia consisting of 11 states and over 10 different religions. Among other parts of the world, this region has something for everyone. Indian and Chinese cultures, white beaches, history, and the must-try food gets this region on everyone’s bucket list. Here we are going to discuss Top Five Tourist Destinations In Southeast Asia.

Thailand’s beaches and other places are well known. There are some places which are not so on tourist radar but there are worth visiting. Thailand is among the Top Five places as Best Tourism Destinations in southeast Asia here;

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Top Five Tourist Destinations In Southeast Asia
Palawan Island

Palawan Island, Philippines, Among Top 5 Tourist Destination in Southeast Asia:

Palawan Island is one of the most beautiful Islands in the world. You simply can’t deny its beauty. Palawan is surrounded by turquoise water and it’s one of the best places for swimming, snorkelling, and kayaking. There are many other islands with white beaches. If you hop on many other islands, you will not be able to reach each Island there because there are so many. I loved this place and I recommend everyone to go and see if you a beach and island person.

Top Five Tourism Destinations in Southeast Asia
Komodo Island, Indonesia

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Komodo Island, Indonesia in Top Five Tourist Destinations in South East Asia:

Indonesia has over 17,000 islands and Komodo is one of them. Komodo island is just around 400 Square kilometres. Home for the world’s largest lizards, the Komodo Dragon. Isn’t it exciting to go there and see the largest lizards in the world? Moreover, there are volcanic hills and forest to see. This island also has mangrove forests and coral reefs where you can enjoy diving. The main attraction of this island is its pink beach, Pantai Merah. One of only seven pink beaches in the world. What’s more to offer? There is something for everyone here.

Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, Cambodia in Top Five Tourist Destinations in South East Asia:

Located in north-western Cambodia, the city is the gateway to the Angkor region. Rich Chinese and colonial architectures are it’s a real beauty. There are two museums in this region. The Cambodia Landmine Museum and Relief Centre is all about landmines and it impacts on Cambodia and The War Museum shows all the wars in which Cambodia was involved. Moreover, there are markets to visit and there is a 12th-century temple with other more temples to visit.

Top Five Tourist Destinations In Southeast Asia, Yangon, Myanmar
Golden Pagoda of Yangon Myanmar

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Yangon, Myanmar among the Top Five Tourist Destinations In Southeast Asia:

Until 2011 there was limited access to tourists due to its military dictatorship but now this place is open for tourists.

There are beautiful architectures here in the form of Colonial-era buildings around the 2,600-year-old Sule Pagoda. It is also known as Golden Pagoda. The most sacred Buddhist Pagoda in the country believed to contain relics of the last four Buddhas. These Pagoda are the main attraction but you should visit Bog yoke Aun San Market.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia among the Top Five Tourist Destinations In Southeast Asia: 

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Malaysia’s capital city offers magnificent skyscrapers and three of the world’s largest shopping centres.

KL has tallest twin buildings in the world, 452 meters tall. There is a large urban park surrounding these towers. Wait, there is more to the story. It has a 92-hectare Lake Gardens urban park that contains the butterfly park, the world’s largest aviary bird park, and an orchid garden. There are much more left to discuss Kuala Lumpur. Best destination consisting of many places to visit.



Written by: Burhanuddin Shabbar,

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