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Top 7 Swimming Lakes in the World

7 Top swimming lakes in the world

Around 71% of the earth is covered with water. It is a golden opportunity for the swimmers to explore pleasing lakes to dive in and to get them cool during hot days. Here is the list of Top Swimming Lakes in the World belonging to the 7 continents of the world that are the best places for tourism in the world.

  1. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshores.

    7 swimming lakes in the world
    Sleeping Bear Dunes National lakeshores

This lake is situated in the continent of North America in Michigan along the coast of Peninsula. A park was built around the coast which has impressive natural features that include forests, dune formation, and a beautiful beach. Along with swimming, people normally go hiking on the dunes.

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  1. Lake Titicaca:

7 Swimming lake in the world
lake titicaca

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Lake Titicaca is the biggest lake in the South American continent.  The lake is present on the border of Peru and Bolivia. 5 significant rivers drop in this lake. On the Peruvian side, there is a market and restaurants to raise the enjoyment level. Streets are of old Spanish colonial planning are present which gives a fantastic historic traditional feeling. On the Bolivian side, some islands have a snowy mountain in the backdrop.

  1. Lake Malawi:

7 swimming lake in the world
Lake malawi

It is the 4th largest freshwater lake cited in the African Continent. It touches the border of Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania. The Mozambique side is reserved by the Government while the Malawi side has a Lake Malawi National Park. The lake has many varieties of beautiful species of fishes.

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  1. Deception bay:

7 Swimming lake in the world
Deception bay

The hardest and adventurous place to swim in the world is Antarctica. The lake where you can swim in Antarctica is Deception bay. It is slightly warmer than the other lakes, but it is still freezy, and only brave swimmers can manage it to swim in this lake. The ships and people on the shores are waiting for the swimmer to come to them and they give the swimmer, towel and hot drinks to warm him.

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  1. Kayangan Lake:

7 swimming lake in the world
kayangan lake

This lake is located on the Coron Island found in the Asian Continent. It is the cleanest lake in the Philippine. This lake is surrounded by naturally formed limestone rock which intensifies the beauty of the lake. Swimmers have to climb up 300 steps to get to the top hill and jumps into the water. The lake has 70% freshwater and 30% salty water.

  1. Lake McKenzie:

7 swimming lake in the world
Lake mckenzie

Lake McKenzie is situated on Fraser Island in Queensland found in the Australian Continent. The Great Sandy National Park is built around the lake which provides basic facilities for the visitors. The lake is present well above the water table because of this it only comprises of pure rainwater. Another beauty of this lake is the beach that consists of pure white silica and the water is also pure. 

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  1. Lake Bohinj:

7 swimming lake in the world
Lake bohinj

Bohinj Lake is the largest lake in Slovenia which is situated in the European Continent. It is a classic place for swimming and other water sports. It has crystal blue-green water covered by Triglav National Park in the Alps Mountain. Banks which are opposite to the main road has a thick forest that adds the natural beauty of the lake. this lake is included in Top Swimming Lakes in the World.


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